Things to Do in Gatlinburg

Things to Do in Gatlinburg

Things to Do in Gatlinburg

You cannot go to Gatlinburg without enjoying nature. You may not be an outdoor person but trust me when I say that you'll be mesmerized with the picturesque mountains, flowers, trees, plants, and wildlife you will encounter.

Things You can Do in Gatlinburg – Go for on an Adventure 

Are there things to do in Gatlinburg?  I mean, it’s just a town in the mountains.  There may be things to do in Tennessee, but for Gatlinburg, you may not be too sure.  Do not be fooled; being a town in the mountains does not mean you’ll just wait the hours and count the days until your trip is over.  Trust me when I say that this city is far from boredom land. On the contrary, there are loads of things to do in Gatlinburg. We want you to have the best time ever so we made a few notes on some of the things that can make your stay with us worthwhile.

Things You Can Do in Gatlinburg in Their Parks

You cannot go to Gatlinburg without enjoying nature.  You may not be an outdoor person but trust me when I say that you’ll be mesmerized with the picturesque mountains, flowers, trees, plants, and wildlife you will encounter.

You’d be happy to know that a lot of our parks are some of the free things to do in Gatlinburg!  Take The Great Smoky Mountains National Park for example. It encompasses sixteen mountains, and it has a total area of 522,419 acres.  In the park alone, there are dozens of activities you can do from hiking, picnics, and of course spending time to get to know the beautiful nature around us.

Things You Can Do in Gatlinburg Museums

Who doesn’t love a little history, right?  History makes you value the things you have at present.  It allows you to have an overview of how something beautiful came to be.  We are not limited to museums that only showcase our history. We also have a museum of oddities, Ripley’s museum, Guinness World Record, Hollywood star cars,  World of Illusions and an exhibit about wildlife and plants in the parks to name a few.

Your kids will surely love all the things they get to see and learn from all these different museums, and I’m sure you will too.  Learning something new from a vacation will make it more memorable and meaningful.

Things to Do in Gatlinburg with Kids

As we’re already on the subject about kids, let me state that Gatlinburg is very child-friendly.  We’ve come to understand that when families go on a trip, it is just as important to have the kids entertained because that means fewer tantrums and more quality time.  There is also less pressure on the parents to have their kids try out new things and participate in family activities. 

If you have already gone out to do picnics in our parks and went through our museums, it would be a great idea to try out our kid-friendly entertainment spots.  We have an aquarium you can visit, mini-golf courses you can play along with them, escape game rooms, a huge arcade, moving theater and laser tag. I can’t enumerate them all here, but I’m sure you get the picture.  Speaking of pictures, don’t forget to take beautiful photographs of your kids. The magnificent views all around will genuinely set the background for pictures that are priceless and not to mention frame-worthy.

Adventurous Things You can Do in Gatlinburg

Young at hearts won’t get left behind with our crazy adventures too.  There are a lot of exciting things to do in Gatlinburg for adults. You can ride the tramway for a fantastic view, get on the sky lift, go and experience zip lines and go on a wild river trip.  You’ll never run out of unique things to do in Gatlinburg. You’ll undoubtedly feel like a kid again with our heart-pumping activities. We continuously create more and more ways wherein people can let loose and have fun so everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy life.  We believe that it is the greatest stress reliever ever.

Get ready and get taken aback with the mouth-watering dishes you’ll also get to try in Gatlinburg.  There is such a diverse culinary world you get to experience because of all the different types of cuisines and restaurants that are bidding you come.  Who knows, our town might even be the reason your children will also stop being picky-eaters and be open to new and exciting flavors they’ve never tried before.

Gatlinburg Music

Home to the warm southern hospitality, Gatlinburg has nothing but the best country music for you to enjoy.  We have beautiful music venues where you can sit and relax and listen to some good old music. We have live bands to cater to all you music lovers.   If you’re not a big country music fan, you don’t have to worry because even though country music is the genre that is most predominant here, you are bound to hear a little bit of everything too.

Arts and Crafts

The natural beauty around you can awaken personal artistic inclinations you might have not yet discovered.  It can also be an excellent opportunity for you to introduce arts and crafts to your children. You can do pottery, wood carving, candle, and soap-making are only some of the things they have workshops you can try.

If you’re not confident enough to create something with your hands, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy local artifacts.  There are a lot of exhibits where you can purchase handmade treasures like locally-made baskets, textile, hand-blown glass, and authentic Appalachian items.  You’ll get to bring something home from your vacation so you’ll have a small remembrance of your Gatlinburg vacation.

Things You Can Do in Gatlinburg Include Festivals

Timing plays a significant part in what you get to experience.  There are a lot of different festivals you can take part in if you come at the right time.  For instance, in April you can enjoy the Annual Wildflower Pilgrimage. It’s when tourists get to know about history and wildflowers in Gatlinburg.  

If you go during October, you’re in for double entertainment.  Two festivals are waiting for you. The Craftsmen’s Fair and Fall Festival is when you’ll get to see the vendors prove that all their handiwork is of high quality by demonstrating how they make all their products.  This is also when the Woodcarving Festival takes place so you’ll be able to see beautiful wood items on display too.

Don’t Forget to Rest 

You might not think about it, but a vacation should have a lot to do with rest.  Yes, you are supposed to have a lot of fun and try new things out, but a lot is also riding on how well you’ll be able to recharge and let your mind and body be rid of all the exhaustion.  When you can find that you’ve reached a state of serenity, it can help give you a boost when you get back to your normal life and routine.  

One of the things to do in Gatlinburg is of course to take things slow and get some sleep and quality time with your loved ones.  If you want you can try couples massage in Gatlinburg TN. Everything around you is designed to help you kick off your shoes and breathe.  Our cabins and lodging have the best sleeping amenities, and the views around you will help take your mind off the stress and worries of life.


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