Smoky Mountains Wildflowers

Smoky Mountains Wildflowers

Smoky Mountains Wildflowers

According to studies, flowers trigger man's happy brain chemicals, and of course, that helps generate happiness. These chemicals are dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

Have you ever seen the Smoky Mountains Wildflowers?  Do flowers make you happy? Flowers are more than just decorations. Flowers make our lives brighter and colorful, even by just looking at them. They can relieve stress, lift our spirits, and ease away anxiety. Flowers produce happiness and enhance people’s moods. 

According to studies, flowers trigger man’s happy brain chemicals, and of course, that helps generate happiness. These chemicals are dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.  The expectation of a reward triggers dopamine. On the other hand, the blossoming of a flower may stimulate that something special is coming. Serotonin is an image contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. Oxytocin is the so-called bonding hormone. Oxytocin generates a sense of social trust, whether romantic love, maternal attachment, or group solidarity. That is why a relationship can be as fragile as flowers. Therefore, being surrounded by a lot of flowers can really make a person happy and feel relaxed.

If you’re having a bad week or a bad month, going on a vacation getaway may help relieve the stress caused by your busy schedules. Having a vacation getaway in the mountains is a perfect idea to help you unwind. Why the mountains? Up in the mountains, there is a sensation of relaxation as the wind blows up in your face, and the environment may stir up your spirit. And to add to the mix, the colors of the trees and flowers can help you neutralize your stressful feelings. 

Check Out the Wildflowers at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park – Smoky Mountains Wildflowers

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the best place for you to spend your vacation getaway. It has a lot of scenic views and a lush green forest that can help ease your mind. Here in the Smokies, you can experience an ambiance of peace and tranquility as the environment gives you the satisfaction of seeing the natural beauty around you. The wildflowers around the Smokies exude so much elegance that you’d feel like a part of a beautiful painting. Flowers in the Great Smoky Mountains blossom all year round, depending on the seasons whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring.  These flowers have a special place in the mountains.

There are more than 1,400 species of flowering plants that blossoms in the Great Smoky Mountains; this is more than any American national park. The park is even sometimes called the “Wildflower National Park.” And every spring you can enjoy a great view of these awesome wildflowers. Here in the National Park, an annual week-long celebration called the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage is celebrated due to the diverse variety of wildflowers. The Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage hosted by the Great Smoky Mountains is a week-long festival that offers tourist programs and guided walks and hikes around the Smokies to explore the diversity of life in the park. Wildflowers start to bloom from late February thru September. The peak of the wildflower season is mid-to-late April, and the first to blossom is the spring ephemeral. Trillium, violets and lady slipper orchids are just a few of the spring ephemeral that you will be able to find in the National Park. 

Throughout the spring season months, there are varieties of wildflowers that bloom the most. Depending on the month these wildflowers blossoms across the Great Smoky Mountains. And to enjoy these wildflowers going on a hike over the Smokies is the best way to get up close and personal. We have listed some popular trails that would help you experience the beauty of the wildflowers blooming throughout the National Park. 

 Smoky Mountains Wildflowers: #1 Deep Creek Trails

One of the best trails to view the magnificent scenery of these wildflowers is the Deep Creek Trail. There is an abundant variety of wildflowers the blooms along this trail. You can enjoy a variety of trillium, foam flower, crested dwarf and many more. As the trail rises in elevation, you’ll find mountain laurel and flame azalea along the way.

Wildflowers of the Smoky Mountains: #2 Oconaluftee

This trail offers you more than 40 species of wildflowers along the trail. The Oconaluftee trail is best hiked during April, where the abundance of wildflowers blooms during this month. You can find several varieties of trillium and violets, jack-in-the-pulpit, squirrel corn, and stone crop. The Oconaluftee is also one of the best trails to view these wildflowers.

Smoky Mountains Wildflowers: #3 Little River Trail

The Little River Trail offers you a variety of wildflowers to view. And if your goal is viewing wildflowers, then this trail is up for grabs. This trail is best hiked during mid-March and April.

Smoky Mountains Wildflowers: #4 Chestnut Top

On this trail, you may find wildflowers within the first couple hundred feet of the trailhead. Here in the Chestnut Top spring beauties are usually the first to blossom. Throughout spring, you can see quite a variety such as white trillium, blood root, and more bloom along the way.

Smoky Mountains Wildflowers: #5 Cove Hardwood Self-Guided Nature Trail

This trail is a three-quarter-mile loop where people say is one of the best areas in the National Park to see the color and beauty of the wildflowers. The best time to start is in late April.

Smoky Mountains Wildflowers: #6 Gregory Bald

In this trail, you can find the most exquisite display of flame azaleas and azaleas all over the world came to visit the Gregory Bald Trail. The azaleas in this area are so impressive that the fact that the British Museum of Natural History has collected samples. 

Smoky Mountains Wildflowers: #7 Porters Creek Trail

The Porters Creek Trail is well known for its impressive wildflower displays. During late March the forest floor is carpeted with blood roots, hepaticas, white-fringed phacelia, and white trillium. And up to April variety of wildflowers are coming to life-giving color and beauty to the trail.

Smoky Mountains Wildflowers: #8 Cosby Nature Trail 

This is a one-mile trail located in the Cosby Campground that passes through several forests, providing tons of wildflowers species for viewing. The best time to hike Cosby Nature Trail is from March and April.

Smoky Mountains Wildflowers: #9 Rich Mountain Loop

The most diverse amount of wildflowers is seen in the Rich Mountain Loop. This trail is an easy hike around the Cades Cove area where you can view a lot of wildflowers.

Smoky Mountains Wildflowers: #10 Spence Field

In this trail, you may experience the best display of mountain laurels. The hillside and meadows are all covered in white and light pink flowers, which is a member of the heath family. The best time to wander around Spence Field is from late May to mid-June.

There are more trails around the Great Smoky Mountains where you can find varieties of species of wildflowers. However, the best time to visit the Smokies if you wanted to see these wildflowers is in the spring from March to May.

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