Smoky Mountains Secret Spots

Smoky Mountains Secret Spots

Smoky Mountains Secret Spots

Everyone has a secret, and that includes the Great Smoky Mountains. Do you agree? Well, some secrets affect no one else, and there are also secrets that can hurt other people.

Find Out and Experience the Smoky Mountains Secret Spots

Everyone has a secret, and that includes the Smoky Mountains secret spots. Do you agree? Well, some secrets affect no one else, and there are also secrets that can hurt other people.

Moreover, secrets are something you only keep to yourself not unless you want to tell somebody about it. Somehow, you can share a little secret with someone you can trust. Having a secret is a trait that every one of us is capable of doing; it is a part of us. So we’ve all got secrets, something we want to keep hidden or private from secret things we did, secret mannerisms or a secret place we want no one else to know. And when you say a secret place, well mountains too have secrets, hidden places kept away from everyone’s view. 

The Great Smoky Mountains is not new to this as the place has a lot of hidden places that were kept secret away from public view. So, what if these places are worth discovering? Hidden spots that were kept secret will be made available to you now so that you can have the chance to find something hidden, which is a great adventure. So if you’re an adventurous individual and you love to discover something new, going an adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains is one thing you should do. As these secret spots in the Smokies are worth the search. And it is even more satisfying if you discover something remarkable. Here in the Smokies, there are lots of hidden spots that are worth exploring.  We have listed down some of the best-kept secrets in the Great Smoky Mountains which are interesting for people who love to discover something new. 

Rainbow Falls Cave : Smoky Mountains Secret Spots

This place is the hardest to find as there is a little to know about the cave in the wilderness of the Smokies. The only way to find the site is to go on official trails on a footpath which the old homestead of the Smokies used. To reach the Rainbow Falls Cave, you need to follow the Schoolhouse Gap Trail for over a mile before reaching into Whiteoak Sink area. However, this is not a secret anymore for beginners as you follow official tracks. But still whenever you go off trail for your secret hike, be sure to have a map, a compass, and leave markers for yourself.   

Troll Bridge at Elkmont : Smoky Mountains Secret Spots

The Troll Bridge is located in the abandoned area of Elkmont. Long before the national park was established, the Elkmont area was a resort for the wealthy of Knoxville. After the park came along, the resort eventually was abandoned, leaving a ghost town in the Smokies. Before, the Little River Trail was home to dozens of vacation houses along the forest. And during the cleanup project of the National Park, several of the structures have been torn down. One of the features that survived the cleanup was the enchanting Troll Bridge that connects a small creek off the trail. The place is an ideal setting for perfect photos. In order to reach the Troll Bridge, follow the side trail through the forest, and will eventually bring you to the bridge. Just make sure to follow the right path.

Harrisburg Covered Bridge  : Smoky Mountains Secret Spots

It is one of the historical landmarks in Sevierville, and it is one of those hidden spots that were just under our noses. Many visitors have been visiting Sevierville, and they never heard of the bridge, and it was only recently discovered. It was built in 1875 and was renovated years after. It has earned itself as one of the best tourist spots in Sevierville, and it was listed as one of America’s longest swinging bridge according to TripAdvisor. You can take a little time off the bridge and take a photo inside.

Mt Cammerer Fire Tower  : Smoky Mountains Secret Spots

One of the hidden spots in the Smokies that should be in your bucket list is Mt Cammerer Fire Tower.  It is worth the hike, especially for lovers. It is as high as 4,928 feet, and the fire tower offers lovely views of the Great Smoky Mountains. Getting there won’t be easy, as the shortest trail up the tower is an 11.1-mile hike round trip. So to start your trail, go to Cosby Campground for the Low Gap Trail until you get to Mt Cammerer intersection, then take a right. Continue until you reach about 3 miles ahead up the Appalachian Trail. 

However, that won’t end your hike, about 5 miles into your hike you’ll now reach the fire tower. Mt Cammerer Fire Tower provides hikers an outstanding 360-degree view around the beautiful scenery of the Smokies. The Fire Tower was built by local in the 1930s, and it was named after Arno Cammerer, which was the director of the park in the 1930s. So taking a hike on the top to Fire Tower of Mt Cammerer is worth the time and effort for you.

Historic Sweden Furnace Iron Mine at Foxfire Mountain : Smoky Mountains Secret Spots

Though hidden by an awesome waterfall, Foxfire Mountain shares a bit of history. There is a long history of mining in the Smokies and pioneers in the area as they used natural resources. One of the historic features around is the Sweden Furnace Iron Mine, it was in operational in the late 1800s and was closed during the Civil War but right after it continued its operation until the 1900s. 

During those times the mine was used on a daily basis, but now it is just open for tourist just to check it out. To get there, you can hike the River Walk trail to Lost Mine Falls. From there, you follow the trail up and behind to find the mine. Visitors may be able to see inside the mine and step into the entrance. However, venturing inside the mine by yourself is discouraged.  It is very dangerous, and you must always adhere to safety precautions to prevent any untoward accidents. This secret spot is an interesting one, so take a hike and get a chance to see an old mine. It will be as if you were in the 1800s.

Secret Spots in the Great Smoky Mountains are Worth It

A secret place is really not a best-kept secret, as lots of people want to discover something new. And when you find it out, it will be something memorable. And being in the Smokies is one of the best experience you will discover something new and hidden. These beautiful cascades are a little known attraction around the Smokies. And taking a hike around these landmarks, be sure to be prepared to carry the necessary things you need for a hike.

So, if you’re planning to visit the Great Smoky Mountains, try and visit these secret spots.  It can be something you can share with your friends and family. Sometimes, an overcrowded place can take away something special from an experience.  So, go and discover these great spots while it is still kept hidden from a lot of tourists

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