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Gatlinburg! Gatlin—What?, Gatlin—Where?

Gatlinburg is a picturesque mountain town located in Tennessee. A couple was the first who tried to settle in there, and they hardly made it through winter. But as destiny would have it, they became the early settlers to a majestic and reathtaking world. It is said to be the gateway to Smoky Mountains.

What Makes It Interesting?

It is one of the most sought-after towns for tourists because it is immensely rich in culture, inhabited warm-hearted people and of course the incomparable vast nature reserve that they have.  As a matter-of-fact, scientists are still stumbling upon new species as to date. An ordinary day will allow you to experience seeing animals in their natural habitat. That’s why you always have to be cautious because local parks in Gatlinburg are home to thousands of bears.  You’ll never know when you’ll have a personal encounter with this enormous creature!


Smoky Mountain High
Smoky Ridge Lodge
Gatlinburg Splash
Creekside Getaway
Tennessee Treasure
Lap of Luxury
Simply Serene
Smoky Mountain Bliss
Romancing the Stars


Gatlinburg CondosGatlinburg Condos are Gaining PopularityCondos in Gatlinburg TN are slowly gaining popularity among our tourists. Condominiums are individual units of property which are from a divided multi-unit property like buildings. Condos are sought after in crowded places and areas with high tourism values because of the steep prices in property space.  Besides, if you want a home, but can’t quite afford a big area and the maintenance that goes along with it, you can opt to buy a condo.  It can greatly help you get a property through cheaper costs. Additionally, you can even share the maintenance fees with other owners such as the backyard and pool cleaning.Given that a lot of condo owners have seen the growth in tourism, some of them have opted to have their condos rented out for tourists.  Thus, they can gain revenue and have someone watch their homes while they are away.  Some business-minded people, on the other hand, have condos to fully rent out. This is because they see the value it brings into their income.  More and more tourists are choosing to stay in condos for rent in Gatlinburg TN, and they swear by it, that it is indeed a great decision.


We believe in functioning in harmony with nature. When that’s achieved, everything comes to its place – this is the least you’ll experience by staying here.


Everything needed for creating special and unique experience is available here. Accept peace of mind and body rejuvenation  directly from nature.


One of the basic philosophy for any kind of holiday and pleasure is quality – every thing must be set for your comfort, satisfaction and memorable experience

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