Best Smoky Mountains Biking Trails

Smoky Mountains Biking Trails

Best Smoky Mountains Biking Trails

Long before the age of engines, cars, trucks and other automobiles and after the age of horses, wagons, and carts as means of transportation, the idea of creating something new was on the verge of discovery.

Trying Out the Great Smoky Mountains Biking Trails

Check out in the Great Smoky Mountains Biking Trails!  Long before the age of engines, cars, trucks and other automobiles and after the age of horses, wagons, and carts as means of transportation, the idea of creating something new was on the verge of discovery. A new means of transportation was invented, and it was called a bicycle. Dating back in the 19th century the first bicycle was introduced and by a German named Baron Karl von Drais.  At first, it was called Laufmaschine, which means running machine. And just like modern bicycles, the design of the first invention was a two-wheeled, steerable, the human-propelled machine. That was the first time a bicycle was ever recorded in the history books of the world. Through the invention of the bicycles, a lot of motor engines vehicles were discovered later on. 

Moreover, new types of bicycles were invented to adhere to the needs of the people.  From two-wheeled vehicles then came unicycles, tricycles, quadricycles and a lot more. Bicycles were widely known as a means of transportation back in the 19th century, and up until today bikes a lot of people are still using the bike as an excellent means of transportation, but only for a short to moderate distances. More than 50% of the world population knows how to ride a bike, whether if you’re a kid or an adult, you can ride a bike comfortably. There are lots of bicycles types in modern times, with the likes of mountain bikes, racing bikes, utility bikes, BMX bikes and a lot more. Some bicycles are now even being used in sports, cardio exercises, bike rides, mountain biking, delivery, and a lot more things. 

Riding a bicycle is a great way to de-stress and let go of some of the negativity in your mind because it allows you to focus on the world around you. That is why some people ride bikes together with other riders out of town and just wander around the countryside. It is one great way to relax.  You will feel the fresh air running through your face, and the great outdoor views will genuinely bring you excitement. If you want to go on great biking trails, then try a bicycle ride in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is known to be an excellent destination for tourists, hikers and bikers alike. You will love the pleasant environment around the Smokies, and there are great trails for bikes in the area.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people go to check out the Great Smoky Mountains Biking Trails?  It must really be something special if it draws people, right? Well, biking is already as fun as it is. It provides a great way to exercise, and it helps you discover a lot of new things! There are lots of excellent Smoky Mountains biking trails which you can enjoy, and they come with great scenic views over the mountains, lush green forest, waterfalls of such beauties and looming wildlife. 

If you love a great adventure and you’re not into walking or hiking then riding in a bicycle is one way to enjoy such beautiful trails. When you want to experience bike rides in the Smokies, you should always be prepared. There are essential things that you should prepare to make sure that your trips will be awesome and fun. You have to have enough water to satisfy your thirst and always check your bikes for any problems. Some trails may be steep, and some are downhill, and the terrains are not always plain. So be sure to have the strength to finish the paths you have chosen in the Smokies.  We have listed some biking trails that you can enjoy while riding on your bicycles around the Smokies. 

Cades Cove Loop Road  – Smoky Mountains Biking Trails

Cades Cove is an 11-mile loop road around the Smokies and one of the most popular Smoky Mountains biking trails in the area. Although this road is one of the best biking trails, the trail may be open for other vehicles. However, during Wednesday and Saturdays, the Cades Cove roads are closed to cars so bikers can have an all-access to a great and enjoyable ride around the loop without worrying for other vehicles. Cades Cove Loop Road could take 2-4 hours to complete on a bicycle ride. 

Cades Cove is a place full of history of the past settlers in the Great Smoky Mountains. This historic place offers a lot of historic homes, churches and other historic buildings.  Moreover, over the trail, you can also spot some bears, deers, wild turkeys, or even foxes roaming free around the area. As the place is looming with wildlife be extra cautious as these are wild animals, and you’re not allowed to pet them. Over the open field variety of wildflowers and trees are also an awesome view. There is a picnic area where you can rest and restore your stamina in peddling a bicycle. The road in Cades Cove has a bit of challenge as it has ups and downs and a few climbs along the way. So biking around Cades Cove is an awesome experience for you and your friends.

Gatlinburg Trail  – Smoky Mountains Biking Trails

This biking trail is a lot shorter than Cades Cove, as it is just a 1.9-mile one-way ride. Bikers here are more relaxed, and it will only take less time to complete the trail. Gatlinburg Trail also offers a piece of history of the early settlers of the Great Smoky Mountains as you can find old remains of building foundations and chimneys. As you travel along the way, you may pass the Little Pigeon Forge River.  The good thing about this trail is no automobiles are allowed. However, the Gatlinburg Trail is also open to hikers, joggers, and pets. So trailing here means you have to encounter a lot of people and a simple nod and wave will do for a greeting.

Oconaluftee River Trail – Smoky Mountains Biking Trails

The Oconaluftee River Trail is an easy trail.  It is mostly a flat terrain over a 1.5 mile long one way. So if you have a kid with you, this biking trail is a great place to teach your children how to ride a bike. While enjoying a peaceful environment, just like the Gatlinburg Trail the Oconaluftee River Trail does not allow vehicles to pass along. This biking trail is also open for joggers, walkers, and pets as there are only two trails in the Smoky Mountains that allows your pet to go with you. So trailing here, you can enjoy the wonderful trees laying around the area and not to mention the Oconaluftee River. 

Although the trails in this list are just easy biking trails, there are also other challenging trails that you can check out.  However, these trails are only for experienced bikers because the trails may be steep or dangerous. So, before you go on a biking adventure, do your research first.  If you are a first timer, it would be great to have someone with you who are used to biking trails. What are you waiting for? A great biking adventure awaits you in the Great Smoky Mountains National park.

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