Smoky Mountain Getaway – Best Romantic Tips

Smoky Mountain Getaway

Smoky Mountain Getaway – Best Romantic Tips

Are you looking for some romantic tips for guys for your Smoky Mountain Getaway? You've been hearing about this magnificent mountain range

Romantic Tips for Guys for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway this Year

Are you looking for some romantic tips for guys for your Smoky Mountain Getaway? You’ve been hearing about this magnificent mountain range from other people since time immemorial, and for the past few months, all you can think about is finally going there yourself. Of course, you’re not spending your Smoky Mountains getaway in Gatlinburg all alone because you’ll be taking your special someone with you. And that’s the reason why you’ve been doing your research so diligently –to make sure everything turns out to be a vacation to remember!

It’s quite smart to finally decide to go to the Great Smokies this year. As they always say, ‘if not now, then when?’ Although you can go there at any time of the year, it’s highly recommended to do it during the fall or winter. The weather there is made for snuggling close to a roaring fire at these times, and perfect for candlelight dinners and tight hugs. Plus, waking up to snow-capped mountains just makes the view all the more breathtaking. Starting your day with a beautiful sight will set the proper mood and romantic vibes for both you and your partner.

To make your trip even more intimate, consider booking a secluded cabin in the woods. In that way, you can have a private dinner for two and go for long hikes through the park whenever you want without hassle. The cabins at the Smoky Mountains Company are just what you are looking for. From the interior to the furniture, everything is decorated just the way you’ll like it.

Some are designed with real wood-burning fireplaces and private pools, both of which are ingredients to a love-filled retreat. The rustic vibe of the cabins also adds up to the mood that you want to set in the air. The staff is more than willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your dream Smoky Mountains getaway; giving you and your loved one a Fontana of beautiful memories about the place. And if that’s not enough, the prices are guaranteed pocket-friendly. You wouldn’t have to break an arm and a leg to fill your vacation with happiness.

Don’t let this year pass without realizing your vacation at the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s just 4 hours away from Nashville and Atlanta, and even nearer to Charlotte, North Carolina. If you live in these areas, it’s truly high-time to make that quick escape!

Romantic Tips for Guys for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway – Plan Your National Park Visits and

Eat Your Heart Out

If you and your partner are nature-lovers, then you’ll surely find the Great Smokies fun and exciting. Did you know that the National Park has over 600 miles of hiking trails? Most of the trails are home not only to plants and flowers but also to many different kinds of birds and fishes. In fact, there are over 240 species of birds that live in the forests of Gatlinburg. The diverse habitats and microclimates in this place give the birds freedom to soar in the air and build a nest for their young ones. If you’re interested in going bird-watching during your visit, you can always ask for information from the staff of the Smoky Mountains Company. As of today, Mount Leconte is the longest trail in the park. It has various access points and provides shelter to most of the birds living in the forest.

If birds are not really your thing, you can always go fishing. This activity has always been one of the visitors’ favorite, may it be families, solo travelers, or lovers like you guys. Fishing is very relaxing and gives you the time to talk to get to know each other better. I’ve also read somewhere that it’s always a plus to women if their man knows how to catch fish. So if you’re really good at fishing, this is the time to show off your skills and maybe teach your woman how to do it like a pro. Who knows, she might take the bait!

As mentioned earlier, choosing a cabin in the woods will give you easy access to the hiking trails. Most visitors preferred to do it in the morning because by doing so, they’ll have all day to enjoy what nature has to offer. They also said that it’s less crowded, thus giving them enough privacy to relax and take photos with good lighting. The dew and light cast really provide the most beautiful shadows for pictures at this time. But you may also go in the afternoon; the sunset also gives a fresh photographic opportunity on many different spots.

While in Gatlinburg, please don’t miss out on the chance to eat really well. There is no shortage of mouthwatering, southern delicacy in this place. The tourists testify to eating the tastiest barbeque, mac n cheese, trout, salmon, steak, and other American classics. The best thing about it is that everything is fresh. If you live in the city, you’ll taste the difference in every bite!

Having a sumptuous meal with your partner will no doubt add a romantic flair – food always sets the mood. Plan your dinner for two around sunset, and you’ll get an incredible view of the mountains. Also, if you plan to go here during winter, you can try out the prix fixe at the restaurant in Buckberry Creek. It’s a 5-course menu that is guaranteed to impress any palette.

Romantic Tips for Guys for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway – Fill it with Wines and Moonshines

If you didn’t know yet, Gatlinburg is home to several wineries. In fact, these stops line up the Rocky top Wine Trail and cover the three cities near the Great Smokies. So go on a wine-tasting adventure with your partner and get stamped along the way! There are more than 60 wines that you could try here, and each has a distinct taste that will remind you of the romantic time you’ve spent up on the mountains.

Of course, you also wouldn’t want to pass up on trying out the moonshines on your visit. The whole area is famous for these tasty distilled spirits. There are many moonshine hollers along with the main rag, and you can try out different flavors from each shop. Some stores even put up a little show while pouring you a glass of moonshine – such a unique way to experience a good drink! So make sure that you don’t miss out on this little piece of Tennessee while you’re there.

If you have time to spare, drop by Ober in Gatlinburg too. There’s a tram that will take you high above the tree line for incredible views of the mountains and the city at the same time. Once you’ve arrived at the top, you have the option to do fun activities such as ice skate or snow tube. But for a more intimate experience, it is highly suggested that you take the lift up to the peak and experience breathtaking 360 views of the Great Smokies. You may also check with your hotel and schedule your visit during a holiday show; during this time they have a band that serenades the crowd and makes everything merely memorable.

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