Amazing Shows at Pigeon Forge TN

Shows at Pigeon Forge TN

Amazing Shows at Pigeon Forge TN

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is famous for having the best family-friendly entertainment throughout the Smoky Mountain region.

Shows at Pigeon Forge TN – Majestic Mountain View

Shows at Pigeon Forge TN to visit with your family and friends. Are you a fun-loving person? Who loves to entertain people with your charm or humor? Well everyone wants to have fun and to do that we treated ourselves. There are lots of ways for people to entertain themselves, its either through performances of plays, concert, and films or may activities like reading, watching television, sports or anything else that gives us pleasure. But it is not just about performances or shows, and some people can be entertained by Mother Nature. In every part of the globe, there are great places which can consider us by being amazed by its natural beauty and wonders. And amongst these places is the Great Smoky Mountain, National Park. One of the best places on earth, as thousands of tourists flock the Great Smoky Mountains each year. They are making it one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. Visitors who flocked the Great Mountains are all entertained by its majestic mountain views, lush green forest, and looming wildlife. 

And on top of that, here in the Smokies you will enjoy and experience the great outdoor adventure that will give you ultimate entertainment. But here in the Great Smoky Mountains, it is not about the mountains itself, as there are also great towns along with the footstool of the Smokies. These towns along the Smokies are not just an ordinary, simple living town but rather an extraordinary place that can entertain those people who come to the Great Smoky Mountains every year.

The towns near the Smoky Mountains are often the gateway to the national park. Making Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge the most famous and busiest town in the state of Tennessee, also Sevierville known to be the place where your fun starts when you visit the Smokies. All of these places can offer you fun and exciting attractions and activities alike that can entertain you. Even of the best performer here in America, Dolly Parton was born and raised here. Making her the Great Smoky Mountains favorite daughter. These towns Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, has a lot of shows, performances, and other theatrical activities that can really entertain tourists of all ages. However, when you say entertainment, then Pigeon Forge is your home in the Smoky Mountains.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is famous for having the best family-friendly entertainment throughout the Smoky Mountain region. The town offers you shows and dinner theaters that would perform country and rock n’ roll music to magic and comedy shows and a lot more in world-class primary production. So spending quality time with your family in Pigeon Forge while being entertained by shows throughout the town will give the ultimate vacation. We have listed some places where you can be welcomed.

#1 Great Smoky Murder Mystery Dinner Show – Shows at Pigeon Forge TN

If you’re looking for one of a kind theater show, then this place is just for you. The Great Smoky Murder Mystery Dinner Show offers you a delicious three-course meal while enjoying the comedy murder mystery show. Located in Pigeon Forge, TN near Gatlinburg this theatrical show is open almost daily all year long. The Murder Mystery tells you four different shows every evening. The prices of differs from all ages, and to give you info the show is PG13. So if you want to fill your evening with laughter, the Great Smoky Murder Mystery Dinner Show is just around the corner.

#2 The Comedy Barn Theater – Shows at Pigeon Forge TN

Voted year after year as the funniest show in the Smoky Mountains. The Comedy Barn Theater is all about laughter. Featuring renowned magicians, jugglers, and comedians the Comedy Barn guaranteed to bring laughter to your faces. But that’s not it; the Comedy Bar has live music such as country, bluegrass and gospel music this place has something for everyone. Not to mention the barn is full of animals showing their talents, including the fantastic canine squad. The Comedy Bar is just the place for all ages, whether you’re five or your 95, as it is a clean comedy. Located in Parkway Pigeon Forge, the area is absolutely fantastic.

#3 Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show – Shows at Pigeon Forge TN

Want to hear a story? What about a story of two families, who’s feud is still on even today? Well, the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show might be your interest. The longest-running feud in the history of the Smokies, the story of the family Hatfield and McCoy which up to still arguing about something. Nobody knows how it started, but are you willing to help them how it ends? As it features hilarious comedy, impressive stunts, and lots of singing and dancing. While enjoying the show, you are guaranteed to be served delicious, all you can eat dinner. The Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show will put a smile on your face. So try not to get lost, as the dinner show is one of the very best in town.

#4 Darren Romeo: Magic Beyond Belief – Shows at Pigeon Forge TN

Magic Beyond Belief by Darren Romeo is the biggest and best magic show in Pigeon Forge. Combining musical and magical performance for an excellent show nightly made it a place to be in Pigeon Forge. Darren Romeo is a renowned performer who has so many accomplishments as a magician, but not to mention he’s a talented singer. Magic Beyond Belief show has set fun for the whole family, featuring Darren’s magical illusions, musical tributes, and levitations. Experience also state of the art special effects, lights, sound, and one of a kind magical production. Magic Beyond Belief will leave you in awe.

#5 Smoky Mountain Opry – Shows at Pigeon Forge TN

Feel the music? The Smoky Mountain Opry offers you an entertainment experience that brings new productions and audience favorites to the stage. Featuring music of the greatest all-time hits, with lots of genres and styles to enjoy. Considering the music of life, country to rock, gospel, and movie greats. The Smoky Mountain Opry is a Las Vegas caliber music show in the heart of Pigeon Forge. From high performers, musicians, dancers, comedians and lots of great entertainers, this show gives you a jam-packed of fun and excitement. So don’t miss a show in the Smoky Mountain Opry.

#6 Country Tonite – Shows at Pigeon Forge TN

All about music. The Country Tonite is guaranteed to give country music fans worth for their tickets. Living the expectations for 21 years, the Country Tonite entertained you with great productions, new choreography, lighting effects, and lots of new costumes. Country Tonite let you experience classic with hot new country hits and hilarious country comedy in a fast-paced show. This place is sure to make you hear your favorite country, music, and comedy, which kids can also relate. One of the best shows in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge that is fun for the whole family.

All of these places and shows are on the world-class level, located in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. But this is not just the activities in Pigeon Forge, as there are lots of significant events and attractions that will entertain you for the rest of your getaway. So being entertained throughout your vacation getaway, while enjoying the fun-filled outdoor adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains is one of a kind perfect vacation getaway.

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