Riverside RV Park Sevierville Celebrates 30 Years

Riverside RV Park Sevierville

Riverside RV Park Sevierville Celebrates 30 Years

God's faithfulness was proved once again as Sevierville Riverside RV park celebrated 30 years of pavilion church services. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Riverside RV Park Sevierville Celebrates 30 Years of Pavilions Church Services in Sevierville, TN

God’s faithfulness was proved once again as Riverside RV park Sevierville celebrated 30 years of pavilion church services.  Yes, you heard that correctly. Since a church is not a building or a form of structure, a loving family has opened up a church service in the RV Park.  This ministry is right in the heart of an RV Park in Sevierville, Tennessee. It is near the Pigeon River, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park giving it panoramic views that are just beyond words. If this is the first time you’ve heard about them, then you’re reading the right article because I’m going to tell you more about them.

Riverside RV Park Sevierville Celebrates 30 Years but what is an RV Park?

RV Parks such as the Riverside one in Sevierville is basically a campground for Recreational Vehicles or RVs.  The amenities differ from one park to another. But by definition, they allow Recreational Vehicles to stay overnight like some sort of campsite.  Most of them have toilets or bathhouses, garbage disposal areas, small shops, golf courses, hot tubs, power connection, drinking water connection, sewer, Wi-Fi, barbecue or grilling area, picnic area, swimming pools, shops, restaurants, laundry area, power connections, tents or cabins.  Living and traveling in an RV can be challenging as well as enjoyable, and these RV parks help the owners travel with much ease. They wouldn’t have to worry about parking or the security of where they will camp out. At the same time, the RV owners will have everything they need for their vehicles and their passengers on board as well.

The Story behind Riverside RV Park Sevierville Celebration of 30 Years of Pavilions Church Services in Sevierville

Of course, there is always a story behind every celebration.  Three decades ago, Kent Loveday, the owner, and pastor at Riverside wasn’t quite sure about where God was leading him.  He said, he and his family didn’t even intend to stay long in Sevierville, but of course, God’s plans said otherwise. The RV Park is a family run business, so they didn’t have any trouble at all utilizing the campgrounds for a church ministry.  

So, they decided to take a leap of faith and allow the Lord to lead them.  As of today, they have an open-air church which has recently added garage doors.  This humble church is open to visitors from the months of April to October. The service time is at 10:00 AM every Sunday and is open to everyone.  Today, the RV Park is an estimated 20 acres of campgrounds which houses two hundred and eighty beautiful campsites. Aside from Sunday service, they also have an outreach that people can volunteer to.  They also give back to less fortunate countries and help them out.

How was Riverside RV Park Sevierville Able to Celebrate and Stand Strong after 30 Years of Existence in Sevierville 

The park is huge and is loaded with different amenities and things you can enjoy like a Swimming Pool, 316 Beautiful Sites, Camp Store, Cabin Rentals, Bath Houses, Large Full Hookups, Game Room, Free Wi-Fi, River Fishing, Mobile Home Rentals, LP Gas, Honeymoon Cabins, Concrete Patios, Free Cable TV, Near all Major Attractions and a Laundry Facility.

Pastor Kent and his family know that this business and ministry was entrusted to them by God.  So, they are very vigilant in taking care of this treasure that they have become stewards of. They make sure that they are able to share the love of God that they’ve received through everyone who comes in the park.  They serve people and share the Word of God with love and compassion.

If you want to attend their Sunday Worship Service or you want to camp your RV there, you can check out their reservation and amenities at www.riversidecamp.com.  If you have any other questions about any special requests, you can directly contact them through the website or call them on their advertised phone number.  

Since the family wants to preserve this wonderful gift, the family also has a few rules for visitors to follow to ensure that everyone’s stay will be as pleasurable as possible.  They strictly enforce these rules, and lawbreakers are asked to leave the campgrounds if they refuse to follow the rules. If you want to try and visit Riverside RV Park Sevierville anytime soon, here are some of their policies as stated on their website:

  • Attention Campers: All guests must register at office and receive a car tag. Cars without a tag will be towed. This is required by insurance regulations. The guest fee is $3 per person per day over the age of 6. 
  • Speed Limit Is 5 MPH (strictly enforced). Anyone violating the speed limit will be asked to leave the campground without a refund.
  • Parking in vacant campsites is prohibited at any time.
  • No dish washing in bathhouses.
  • Sewer Donut- Sewer donut or elbow is required
  • Drive carefully and watch for children.
  • One car per campsite. Additional parking around pool and pavilion.
  • Absolutely no public display of alcohol.
  • Campfires – Campfires are permitted in fire rings on the riverbank. Please do not move fire rings. You are able to have a fire at your site if you have a self-contained off the ground fire pit.
  • No washing cars or campers
  • Please do not move picnic tables.
  • Quiet Time is at 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.
  • Swimming is at your own risk. All children under 14 years and those who cannot swim must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Swimming pool privileges for paid campers only. Guests must register at the office.
  • NO FIREWORKS or firearms permitted.
  • Tent camping is prohibited at any time.
  • Bicycles – ride in designated areas only.
  • Golf Carts – must be a licensed driver to operate and must have lights to operate after dark. 5MPH speed limit enforced.
  • Check-Out Time: Cabins 11:00 AM. Campsites 12:00 Noon. Please come by the office and let us know your campsite or cabin number and give us a chance to say “Good-bye. “
  • Do not leave kids unattended on the grounds or in bath houses. Parent/guardian will be held financially liable for damages caused by their children
  • Rugs must be on concrete patio, no rugs on grass
  • Trash must be taken to onsite dumpsters and not left at site or taken to bath house
  • Laundry – Do not leave clothes unattended
  • Pet Rules
  • NO PETS in cabins or bath houses.
  • Pets are permitted on leash and are not to be left unattended.
  • Please keep your pet quiet and clean up after your pet. Pet walk by pavilion.
  • No fences or cages for pets outside; STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • Holistic Vacation through Riverside RV Park Sevierville

Wouldn’t it be nice if even while you’re on vacation, you won’t get to miss church?  What’s even sweeter is if you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of your vacation while hearing God’s Word.  Riverside RV Park allows you to enjoy creation and give thanks to its Creator all at the same time.  

It is indeed a blessing to have a park hosting church service and baptisms in beautiful grounds.  The full-time pastor Kent Loveday and his family have seen how God is bringing people together no matter where they are from.  Judging from how the park has expanded and how the church has grown, there will be another 30 and more years to come for everyone.  That is good news for everyone, for RV owners most especially. We should not limit our praises and thanksgiving to four walls; we should always remember that we can always worship wherever we may be.

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