Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains

Pink Jeep Tours

Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains

Boy, do we have a treat for you with the Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains! What is there to be excited about the Pink Jeep Tours, you say? Well, this unique way to explore the Smokies

Be Excited with the Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains

Boy, do we have a treat for you with the Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains!  What is there to be excited about the Pink Jeep Tours, you say? Well, this unique way to explore the Smokies will give you a unique sense of adventure that will surely help you and your family enjoy your visit to the land of the Great Smoky Mountains.  Before we go into the tour details, let’s get to know more about the company behind this new Smoky Mountains tour.

Pink Jeep Tours History Before the Smoky Mountains

Let’s start before the existence of Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains.  The Pink Jeep Tours began 58 years ago in the year 1960 to be exact, in Arizona.  It was founded by Don Pratt, who was a real estate broker. He conducted tours for people on the side, and people loved it!  By 1988, the company was bought by Shawn Wendell. It wasn’t until 2001 that the company started to open tours in Las Vegas and the year 2012 for the Grand Canyon.  Then, just last year, Herschend Enterprises purchased Pink Jeep Tours. 

All these years, Pink Jeep Tours have served around five and a half million people and have hosted around 783,568 tours.  They are one of the best guided tours in the Southwest, particularly in Sedona’s Red Rocks, The Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas and that is with very good reason.

What Makes Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains Worth It?

Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains has been thoroughly thought of and planned in a way that ensures the success of every tour.  They didn’t just buy a jeep, hire a driver, and drive you around the Smokies. No, it’s so much more than that. First, let’s talk about the ride.  You’ll feel secure with the Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains because they provide state-of-the-art vehicles and nothing less. Overall, the company has Jeep Wranglers, Tour Trekker SUVs, and Mercedes Benz Sprinters.  

And for the great outdoors of the Smoky Mountains, the Jeep Wrangler has been chosen to lead the tour.  All their vehicles are customized in all aspects to ensure your safety, comfort, and thrill. Some of the upgrades the jeeps have are the upgrade on the axles, suspension, extra passenger seating complete with comfortable upholstery and a canopy.  They have covers that will shield you from the sun and a heater to keep you warm, but if the weather is great, they can pull up the covers so you can get a breath of fresh air. As a result, passengers have ample room, a safe and enjoyable tour with the quality of the vehicle to match Mother Nature’s challenges.  Don’t let the pink paint fool you, this 4×4 is a monster outside but is fully equipped to make everyone on the ride comfortable.

Next, let’s talk about the tour guides.  The guides are just as top caliber as the vehicle themselves.  First, the guides undergo different types of trainings and certifications to qualify.  For example, they have extensive driving training through the Smith System© Driver Safety Training.  They also have to acquire CPR certification and first aid certification so that their passengers can receive immediate attention wherever they may be.  Passenger safety is really one of their main concerns.  

They are also locals of the area where tours are available.  The company knows that locals are the best people to tell the stories of their home.  The tour guides are made to undergo the National Association for Interpretation training to help them pave the way for a fascinating tour.  Getting locals also adds a passionate drive to showcase all the best aspects of the area and the unmatchable protective care for the land. They are also prepared to give you additional info on your tour.  They can give you educational information as well as unique stories only they can tell.  

The guides also walk the talk.  They don’t just say it’s an excellent place to bring your bike or to go on a hike for the sake of having something to say.  The guides are adventurous souls themselves! When they are not on tour, you can be sure they are trying out everything in that area themselves.  This assures you that you are getting firsthand advice from people who’ve really tried it all these activities and they can give you the best tips around.  As you can see, the guides have the confidence to share their knowledge and suggestions because they have had the experience, and they know what it feels like based on their personal experience.

Some More Information on the Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains

This 4×4 off-road adventures will not just allow you to see spectacular views, but they will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.  There are four available tours in the Smoky Mountains you can choose from which are the Newfound Gap Tour (Prices are $65 for adults and $56 for kids), Foothills Parkway Tour (Prices are $65 for adults and $56 for kids. Roaring Fork Tour (Prices are $55 for adults and $46 for kids and last but not the least is the Oconaluftee Farm Tour Prices are $75 for adults and $64 for children.)  All previous tours have been in the Southwest, and this is the first time they’ve considered tours in the East. Each tour is around two to four hours. While on the tour, the guides will give a small but fun way to talk about the ecosystem, the wildlife, the story of the Smoky Mountains the way you’ve never heard it before.

Benefits of the Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains

There is so much to see in the Great Smoky Mountains.  However, if someone has to drive, you can be sure that he or she won’t have the same amount of fun as everyone else in the family.  The family member in-charge of driving will, of course, be concentrated on driving itself and not around your family or the scenic views you will see.  So, we have your safety covered along with your family. You don’t have to drive yourself, and you can spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Another note is that, the Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains can take you away to places you thought you’d never go to let alone arrive in a pink jeep in!  This is also a good thing to consider if you have family members like children or elderly that will have a hard time walking long distances. After the beautiful drive, the guide will take you to a section on private land for thirty minutes, wherein they will take you on a wild ride up rough terrain.

Why Bring the Pink Jeep Tours to the Smoky Mountains?

Well, why not?  The Pink Jeep Tours in the Smoky Mountains makes sense because it is the top national park, and the beauty is just incomparable.  There is so much to see, share, and experience here, so it is the perfect addition to their tours. If you have never tried the Pink Jeep Tours, it will be great to try it together with your loved ones.

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