Pigeon Forge Top Attractions

Pigeon Forge Top Attractions

Pigeon Forge Top Attractions

Going on a vacation to a place like Pigeon Forge can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know what the top attractions are.

Tourists Consider Pigeon Forge Top Attractions 

Going on a vacation to a place like Pigeon Forge top attractions can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what they are.   You can have a bag full of regrets if you miss out on the best things Pigeon Forge has to offer just because you didn’t know about them.   Everything in Pigeon Forge has been made available so everyone can enjoy their visit. However, there are a few attractions that stand out and that both tourists and locals love.  We created a list of the top attractions that have gained a bit of leverage over the others, and we’re here to share them with you.

List of Pigeon Forge Top Attractions 

These are some of the sought-after top attractions in Pigeon Forge and a short description to help you have a feel of what type of fun they can bring into your special trip.  We’ve given you a few details on free things to do in Pigeon Forge in our previous article; now we have not so expensive attractions that people have been raving about mainly because you can get deals on things to do in Pigeon Forge through their online sites and listings. The ones that made it to our list are:


  • Foxfire Mountain Adventures – Pigeon Forge Top Attractions

If zipping over a waterfall isn’t enough for you, you can also try their longest zip line which is 1,500 feet in length and travel at 55 miles per hour at the height of 475 feet!  You can also try one of the longest swinging bridges in the country which is around 335 feet long. This bridge will have you holding on for dear life. This adventure park was once a farm and is run by a very loving family who seeks to help their guests have an adventure of a lifetime.

  • Flyaway Indoor Skydiving – Pigeon Forge Top Attractions

Don’t worry; Pigeon Forge isn’t just all about mountains.  We love adrenaline-rushing activities to stimulate your vigor for life.  One of the things that are such a hit with our tourists is the Flyaway Indoor Skydiving.  This is perfect if you’d like to know how skydiving feels without having to free fall in the open sky or jump off a moving plane.  Before you get to try the vertical wind tunnel, in-house instructors will teach you how to maneuver your body and give you safety precautions so that you’ll have no untoward incidents of injury.

  • 7D Dark Ride Adventure – Pigeon Forge Top Attractions

Do you love playing games?  Well, we have a special treat for you.  This game offers a new level of excitement.  It is a game with seven dimensions, so, you’re definitely in for a ride!  You’ll have to shoot to win the fight against the zombies of a mad scientist.  It will seem so real that your heart rate will go up and your adrenaline will be off the charts.  This interactive game will surely bring the family together by shooting off zombies who are trying to take the world!

  • Dollywood and Splash Country – Pigeon Forge Top Attractions

Dollywood is one of the most popular theme parks in the country with all its amazing rides but what some people don’t know is that there is also another top attraction adjacent to Dollywood and it’s called Dollywood Splash Country.  It wasn’t voted Best New Waterpark in America by the World Waterpark Association for nothing. This water park is 34 acres in size and is filled with slides, pools and other areas for play. If you just want to lounge by the pool that’s fine as well, we have poolside lounges where you can just sit back and beat the heat in through the cool waters.  

  • Alcatraz East Crime Museum – Pigeon Forge Top Attractions

If you love watching crime series and real-life crime scene solution of murders, then you’d enjoy this top attraction which showcases American crime history.  This museum is a blend between Tennessee State Prison and Alcatraz. It offers a lot of information about historical cases from way back up until modern day serial killers.  This museum also holds artifacts from the like of Ted Bundy and OJ Simpson. A lot of tourists have enjoyed the place so much that they were able to spend hours in the museum.  It just proves how exciting and informative the place is.

  • Coaster & Shop at Goats on the Roof – Pigeon Forge Top Attractions

This one is hard to miss.  This local attraction has live goats on their roof.  Yes, you heard that right, they have live goats on their roof!  The cool thing is your children can experience feeding the goats, and you can also ride their family-friendly coaster.   You can also mine for gems in their mine, now isn’t that a treasure? Food and drinks are available on site, and a souvenir shop is also ready for you so you can get a small memorabilia for your vacation.

This giant wheel is more than just a wheel.  Though it was built only in eight days in the year 2013, it is a staple landmark for Pigeon Forge and is drawing a lot of tourists particularly because you can see the town in all its beauty when you’re taken to great heights by the ride.  Their glass gondolas will take you up to 200 feet in the air so you can see miles and miles of the beautiful Pigeon Forge. Most tourists say that though it is fantastic to ride the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel by day, riding it by night will show you an even more beautiful view of the city and its lights.  That is why it has been considered as one of the most popular things to do in Pigeon Forge at night.

  • Lumberjack Feud Show and Adventure Park –

  • Pigeon Forge Top Attractions

  • If you’re looking for unique things to do in Pigeon Forge this weekend, you can go and watch the Lumberjack Feud Show.  This is one of the best Pigeon Forge shows out there. World class and professional lumberjack families compete against each other in thirteen lumberjack events.  The participants will be competing in events such as ax swinging, chopping, chainsaw carving, sawing, tree climbing, log rolling, etc. Some people in the audience also get special participation, and it just might be you, if you’re lucky.  Aside from the show, you can visit their lumberjack-themed park. This park is also serving great delicious food, so you don’t have to go far when your tummy starts to rumble when you go hungry from watching the intense competition. They are open all year round and have a climate-controlled grandstand to keep our audience comfortable no matter the weather.

What You’ll Get from Pigeon Forge Top Attractions 

First of all, you’ll get value for money.  These top attractions have been proven and tested not only by locals but from tourists as well.  These insider tips will help you know what to expect and choose what best fits what you consider fun, and you deem as unnecessary.  Most of these tourist spots have online websites, and if you book online and earlier you can get special discounts, so you don’t have to worry about having a costly vacation.  Most importantly, you’ll be getting beautiful memories that no one can take away from you. It will be time well-spent with the people you care for the most.

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