Top 4 Places for Picnic in the Smokies During Summer

Picnic in the Smokies

Top 4 Places for Picnic in the Smokies During Summer

The Great Smokies has always been the perfect vacation spot during winter and fall. But did you know that it's also lovely to be there during the summer?

A Summer Picnic in the Smokies is Just What You Need

A summer picnic in the Smokies is just what you need if you’re tired of gazing at the concrete skyscrapers outside your office window. Plan it for your next weekend getaway, and you won’t regret it. You’ll experience the beauty of nature and enjoy delicious food in a whole new way. If you like how this sounds, keep on reading, and make this picnic happen real soon. 

The Great Smokies has always been the perfect vacation spot during winter and fall. But did you know that it’s also lovely to be there during the summer? It’s a beautiful season of warmth and green that just makes you want to spend more time outdoors. There’s probably no better way to relax and spend time with your loved ones in the summer, than on a picnic. 

The National Park has several picnic spaces. Some have tables and elevated park grill while others let you do it the old-fashioned way. You can sprawl on a blanket while enjoying the sun on your face. Just remember that the park’s authorities strictly prohibit feeding the bears and other wildlife. Also, make sure to tidy up as you go to help maintain the cleanliness of the place. 

Top Four Spots for A Summer Picnic in the Smokies

As mentioned earlier, there are several spots in the Smoky Mountains that you can hold your picnic at. But to help you out in deciding, here’s a list of the top four locations that you should try.

Big Creek

It takes a while to get to this site, but the drive is always worth the while. Located over the stat line in North Carolina, Big Creek Picnic Area is surrounded by the picturesque scenery of the mountains. The weather is also comfortable enough to wine and dine until dusk. They also have charcoal grills and restrooms with running water that you may use during your visit. Take note though, that the place is only open from April to October.

Cades Cove

Unlike Big Creek, this spot is open for a picnic all year long. It is a favorite among tourists because of the beautiful sights and wildlife viewing opportunities. You can see birds, deers, turkeys, groundhogs, skunks, and even a bear if you get lucky!


Once you see this picnic spot, you’ll understand why tourists and locals love going here. It’s like a painting that came to life! You can lay down and relax while listening to the sound of the nearby brook. They also have charcoal grills and clean toilets for public use. If you plan to visit in summer, the place is open until 8 in the evening. 

Metcalf Bottoms

It is probably one of the most beautiful picnic sites in Gatlinburg. Metcalf Bottoms is nestled along the Little River, with vividly-colored plants and flowers surrounding the area. Although it is open for most of the year, it is best to go here during the colder months. They have tables that you can use, or you may also rent the pavilion in advance. It is relatively easy to find too, right at Wears Valley area off of Lyons Spring Road. 

Now that you have a short list of the available locations, all you need to do is choose and pack up your picnic basket. You may also ask assistance from your hotel if you’re not familiar with the area yet. The Smoky Mountains Company doesn’t only have the most accommodating staff but also cabins that spell comfort right down to the core. Check out their available rooms today and find out why visitors say that ‘It’s a home away from home.’

Food Suggestions for a Summer Picnic in the Smokies with Family and Friends

Since most picnic spots in Gatlinburg have a charcoal grill, you may bring some cured meats with you. A delicious variety of chicken and pork barbeque is always a must in a picnic spread. Oh, and don’t forget your favorite bottle of wine. If you’re taking children with you, juice and soda should also be a part of your list. Add in some freshly-baked bread, cheese, potato salad, and some fruits, and you’re all ready to go!

If having a picnic in the Great Smokies is a spur-of-the-moment plan, don’t worry – Food City has got you covered. It is the only grocery store in the area but offers a complete array of food choices that you can put in your basket. They have freshly-made to refrigerator-case products that include rotisserie chickens, meats, banana pudding, salads, and many more. They also have a fresh antipasto bar where you can buy olives, roasted garlic, mushrooms, pepperoncini, artichoke hearts, and a variety of cheeses. 

If you’re a sweet tooth and you want to include desserts in your picnic must-haves, you can get these from The Village. It’s located near traffic light number 6 in the downtown area. This café offers homemade desserts, quiches, sandwiches, and more. They also have freshly-squeezed lemonade and the yummiest Chocolate Tiramisu. The Wild Plum Tea Room is also another resto where you can get desserts that may tickle your fancy. They are famous for their Amaretto Bread Pudding, chicken salad, and iced wild plum tea. 

Talking about all this food is making my tummy rumble. If you didn’t know yet, Gatlinburg is known for its mouthwatering delicacies. So don’t miss out on bringing some of the local food when you go on your picnic.

A Summer Picnic in the Smokies in Your Own Backyard

In reality, the Great Smoky Mountains is one big picnic site. You can have your dream picnic just about anywhere because of the breathtaking scenes and numerous secluded spots. You can easily find them after a short and simple hike. To make it even more possible, you can rent a cabin with the Smoky Mountains Company. Some of their cabins are designed with its own patio and private pool. You can ask the staff to set up a picnic table, and you may enjoy outdoor dining right outside your bedroom. Nothing beats a romantic gourmet picnic on the floor; it’s perfect for couples on a honeymoon or anniversary trip. 

There are various gourmet picnic baskets that you can choose from. The staff will gladly assist you in ordering one of these hand-arranged baskets. It is usually filled with cheeses, fresh fruits, sausages, nuts, olives, and crackers. It is so carefully and beautifully wrapped that you might just want to stare at it once delivered. The cost of one basket is also very pocket-friendly – it ranges from $69 to $109, depending on the goods included. If you know any newlyweds that are spending their vacation in Gatlinburg, you may send them your love by having a gourmet picnic basket delivered. The convenience of it all is that you can place your order online and have it brought to them on your chosen date. 

For anything else, you can ask the staff for help. The Smoky Mountains Company is well known not only for its cozy cabins but also for the team that provides exceptional customer service. Now go and have a summer picnic in the Smokies that you’ll never forget!

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