Most Beautiful National Parks in the USA

Most Beautiful National Parks

Most Beautiful National Parks in the USA

At last, there are no definitive criteria for what makes a US national park a "best US national park".

Most Beautiful National Parks  Your Family will Enjoy 

In case you’re searching for most beautiful National Parks with amazing landscapes, extraordinary geographical formations, outdoor experience, or fascinating wildlife, then the United States National Park Service has the info you need. Yet, with so many numbers of parks to look over, it tends to be difficult to tell where to begin.

The United States of America is lucky to have an abundance of stunning places to visit, with the great National Parks featuring on the bucket list of most explorers. 

For more than one hundred years, the National Park Service undoubtedly has overseen a large number of sections of land exclusively for the “enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.

Regardless of whether you are enjoying out of the shorelines of the East Coast, traveling along the West Coast, or hiking in the majestic Rockies, there are all that could possibly be enough chances to explore nature in one of these astounding parks. Every National Park, 58 altogether, represents a remarkable variety of beautiful natural environments.

Most Beautiful National Parks – United States National Park Service History

About 150 years ago, United States President Ulysses S. Grant marked a law building up the 2.2 million sections of land referred to today as Yellowstone National Park as “a public park or pleasuring-ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people,” in this manner making the first national park in the world. 

This idea of saving America’s most valuable landscapes and biological systems kept on spreading. When President Woodrow Wilson marked the act that made the National Park Service in 1916, there was a sum of 35 national parks already settled in the United States.

Today the National Park Service deals with the 52 million sections acres of land, which makes up America’s 61 national parks.  It is terrific to know that 32 million additional acres of land historically and culturally significant destinations all through the United States territories are being fought to be preserved and protect these national treasures for future generations.

These national parks in the United States draw millions of tourists every year to experience the unique natural wonders and unforgettable terrains. And below are listed some of the most magnificent national parks in the United States.

Most Beautiful National Parks #1 –  Yellowstone National Park 

It is one of America’s best national parks and is hailed by outdoor explorers as one of the top national parks on the planet. 

Yellowstone sits on a massive supervolcano, and the more significant part of the geothermal activity on the planet happens inside the national park as many forms of geysers and hot springs. You’ll be able to see an abundance of wildlife, including moose, elk, grizzly bears, bison, wolves, and much more. 

It is a large park, bigger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware joined. You could easily spend a whole week exploring Yellowstone without running out of things to see.

Most Beautiful National Parks #2 – Yosemite National Park — California 

The park lies in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. It is known for its many lovely waterfalls, including the tallest waterfall in North America, Yosemite Falls. Explorers and rock climbers have a great time the park’s 800 miles of hiking trails and numerous climbing opportunities of different difficulty levels, including the 3,000-foot granite monolith, El Capitan.

Yosemite is likewise home to a huge assortment of plant and animal species, including the renowned goliath sequoia trees just as black bears, coyotes, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and bobcats. Depending on which activities you plan, your trip to Yosemite could be done in as little as a few days or last for several days.

Most Beautiful National Parks #3- Grand Canyon National Park — Arizona 

Without a doubt, one of the best national parks in the US, the Grand Canyon should be on anybody’s list of top US national parks to visit. 

In 2018, 6.8 million people visited the Grand Canyon to take in the striking perspectives on the 277-mile long chasm, which is 18 miles wide at its widest point. The gigantic canyon was cut by the Colorado River over a time of 3 to 6 million years and keeps on developing by means of erosion today. 

The territory is rich in the opportunity to find out about Native American culture, with Hopi, Navajo, Havasupai, Paiute, and Hualapai tribes close by.

Most Beautiful National Parks #4 – Zion National Park


Zion National Park, which is located in Utah, is one of the smaller national parks in the United States, yet it is likewise one of the most visited. It’s additionally no less celebrated and is regularly recorded as perhaps the best park in America. 

Here you’ll discover a treasure trove of outdoor activities appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. The grand byways make sightseeing from the vehicle possible; however, outside your vehicle, you can appreciate hiking, rock climbing, canyoneering, and tubing on the Virgin River. 

Renowned for its slot canyons and sensational sandstone cliffs, Zion likewise has abundant open doors for spotting birds, including the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, California Condor, and the Mexican spotted owl.

Most Beautiful National Parks #5 – Grand Canyon National Park  


It has the world’s largest concentration of the tall, thin sections of rock known as hoodoos. The collection of these remarkable formations within Bryce Amphitheater gives a magical scene for visitors to the park, particularly around nightfall and dawn. The national park is a fantastic area for stargazing, with 7,500 stars noticeable on a starry evening and has ordinary Night Sky programs. During winter, guests can appreciate skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding.

Most Beautiful National Parks #6 – Glacier National Park 

Located in Montana, Glacier National Park is known for being one of the prettiest national parks in the US. 

It is also known as “the crown of the continent,” Glacier National Park offers the absolute most impressive view in America with its peaceful mountain lakes, wildflower-filled valleys, and soaring peaks. Heading off to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park rivals Beartooth Highway close to Yellowstone for the title of most lovely drive in America. 

This best US national park has one of the biggest grizzly bear populations in the country and is celebrated for the wonderful turquoise lakes nourished by its namesake icy masses. There are more than 700 miles of trails, making it the most loved among hikers and climbers. Other most loved activities among guests incorporate fly fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Most Beautiful National Parks #7 – Great Smoky Mountains National Park — Tennessee & North Carolina 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located inside the Blue Ridge Mountains of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. These are associated with scenic parkway are a piece of the Appalachian Mountains. The artsy town of Gatlinburg can be discovered close by the Sugarlands passageway of the national park, and the trendy community of Asheville is inside an hour drive from the Oconaluftee entrance. 

The world-famous Appalachian Trail runs directly through the Great Smoky Mountains for 72 miles, with many deciding to through-hike or section hike the scenic route. The national park offers nature lovers a bounty of outdoor activities, trails, campgrounds, and opportunities to see wildlife. We went through 3 evenings investigating the recreation center and became hopelessly enamored with the view close to showing up. 

At last, there are no definitive criteria for what makes a US national park a “best US national park.” In truth, all of America’s national parks have something mind-blowing to offer, and I urge you to look into and learn past the parks on this list. Whichever park you wind up visiting, you won’t be disappointed.

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