Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attractions

Great Smoky Mountains Wildfire

Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attractions

If you are a tourist and you are having a vacation or holiday getaway in the Smoky Mountains, you shouldn't let this wildlife experience pass you by.

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction is Attracting Tourists All Over the World

The Great Smoky Mountains wildlife attraction and National park is America’s most visited national park in America. It caters to thousands of tourists across the country each year. It is an ideal getaway for most people who love the great outdoors. The Great Smoky Mountain takes pride for its magnificent mountain scenery and lush green forest. Moreover, the Smoky Mountains is also well known for its wildlife attractions.

Do you love going to the zoo? Lots of people enjoy seeing animals up close and personal. However, animals in the zoo have been captured and caged for public viewing and attraction, and some of them were already born and bred in captivity. It is still different to see animals in their own natural habitat. This is a fascinating thing to do, and here in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, you can experience the thrill in seeing animals in the wild. The Great Smoky Mountains offers you an extraordinary adventure through the vast area of mountain ranges not to mention the opportunity to see up close and personal the diverse and plentiful wildlife around the area.

If you are a tourist and you are having a vacation or holiday getaway in the Smoky Mountains, you shouldn’t let this wildlife experience pass you by. Whether you’re an animal lover or not, you have to admit that strolling through the Great Smoky Mountains will give you the chance to see and encounter some of the animals roaming freely around the area. You can check out flying squirrels, otters to elk, and black bears amongst others.  

Animals found in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park – Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife

As mentioned, there are tons of animals that can be found in the Great Smoky Mountains, which roam freely around the area. Getting the chance to interact and see them in their natural wild habitat will be an excellent experience. However, you have to bear in mind that you should not go around, disturbing them, and interacting with them.  Some of these animals are dangerous. So following the rules and regulations around the area is a great thing to do, as prevention is better than cure. We have listed below some animals that are seen and encountered around the Great Smoky Mountains. 

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction #1 Red Foxes

Red Foxes are the largest amongst the family of foxes. These cute and furry things are timid and are rarely seen out in the open.  They are mostly nocturnal hunting preys that venture under the night sky. These foxes have an extremely sharp hearing ability. They can hear low-frequency sounds like small animals digging underground or footsteps miles away. That is why able to see this animal in the open is a once in a lifetime moment you can cherish. But don’t worry when you encounter one, as these animals are not dangerous to humans. They only prey on creatures smaller than them, or they can just be out scavenging. 

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction #2 Coyotes

Coyotes are also present in the Smokies. Coyotes in the Smokies have thick, dark fur and white bellies. Coyotes are practically bigger than foxes, and just like their smaller cousins, coyotes are afraid of humans, but they can be very dangerous around your pets. This dog family preys on smaller animals when alone, but when in a pack they can take down bigger animals around. Get a close encounter with this furry thing would require great precaution.

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction #3 Bobcat

Consider yourself blessed if you see a Bobcat during your hike around the Smokies. These cats are known to be nocturnal. Bobcats are also not dangerous to humans, just like the foxes they are shy, and they tend to avoid contact with people. It is rare to see an aggressive Bobcat. However, these cats still have kitty claws, so extra caution is still advised.

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction #4 Eastern Cougars

The Eastern Cougars is a native mountain lion in the Great Smoky Mountains. They are much bigger than their Bobcat relatives. They were thought to be extinct in the region, but recent sightings considered that these animals are now growing in numbers. The Eastern Cougars are also shy to humans, but getting close to this creature is a no-no. There are cases of Eastern Cougars attacking and killing people in the mountains. 

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction #5 River Otter

These cute river creatures are considered extinct by the national park. However, scientists have launched a mission to save the population of these creatures. They are coming back slowly in the Smokies. The River Otters are a playful breed of animals.  They are fun to watch swimming in the river banks. So having to see one out in the wild is an experience that you should treasure.

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction #6 Peregrine Falcons

These birds are also considered to have a great comeback in the national park. The Peregrine Falcons are the fastest animal on the planet, and they are considered to be a raptor. These magnificent creatures can top speed up to 200 miles per hour while diving from the sky. Animal lovers that want to see a Peregrine Falcon in person should visit the Alum Cave Trail, as there was a pair of falcons seen nesting in the area.

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction #7 The Elks

Elks are known to be the largest species within the deer family. Their numbers in the Great Smoky Mountains have also dwindled due to overhunting for its skin and meat. The good thing is, the prevention and protection of the Elks, have allowed the animal to thrive and reproduce once again in the area. These gentle creatures are fantastic to watch from afar. They are easily rattled and will eventually cause an uproar that can lead to a stampede. Moreover, male Elks tend to have a challenge with other males during mating season.

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction #8 Snakes

There are two species of snakes that we will mention. One is the Northern Copperhead Snake.  This creature is extremely dangerous. They were recorded to have caused more fatalities than any other venomous snakes in the United States. So be sure to look around the area whenever you are hiking as these snakes are challenging to locate. The other one is Timber Rattler which is a larger species of venomous snake in the Great Smoky Mountains. So, if you notice any movements on the ground with colors that can appear all black or yellow, brown or gray, then you better step aside, because the Timber Rattler may strike any time.

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction #9 Flying Squirrels

The Flying Squirrels are cute and small creatures that are found in the dense forest of the Smokies. They cannot fly like bats or birds, but they can glide around branches of trees. These animals are also fun to watch gliding from branch to branch.

The Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Attraction #10 Black Bears

Black Bears are not only found in the wild but also on key chains, t-shirts, mugs, postcards and any item that came from the Smoky Mountains. Black Bears is the national animal of the Smokies. Black Bears are extremely dangerous, but the incidence of black bears attacking humans is rare. They are smaller and less aggressive than their cousins. 

These bears usually hide during the winter season, but during summer, spring and fall these animals will consume or store food that will let them last during the winter season. Black Bears will eat anything, and that includes human foods. Humans are getting closer to bear habitats, and that is why close encounters with the animal are getting more frequent. The fear of humans is making the bears become dangerous and protective. So having a close dealing with the animal requires a guideline. Remember, feeding bears is illegal, so make sure not to feed them.

There are also lots of unmentioned animals that can be found in the Great Smoky Mountains. Discovering them will give you an excellent experience while having a getaway in the Smokies. So, what are you waiting for?  Come to the Great Smoky Mountains!

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