Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains

Fourth of July

Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains

Want to know the reasons why you should celebrate Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountain?

Celebrating Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains

One of the most popular destinations in celebrating the Fourth of July is in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Thousands of tourists visit the Great Smokies every year, and a huge bulk also chooses to visit during Independence Day.  Why? Well, there are many reasons why people come and keep coming back. If you haven’t experienced the Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains, let me give you a few good reasons for you to do so.

Seven Things You Need To Know About Fourth of July In The Great Smoky Mountains Today

These are some of the most famous things to do and places to go if you’re planning to spend the Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains.  A lot of people have tried them and have recommended them to other visitors. I wanted to share them with you so you can check out what things you can try while you’re there.

Reason #1 to Spend the Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains: Fireworks Finale

The Fireworks Finale in Gatlinburg definitely makes the top reason for a grand Fourth of July at the Great Smoky Mountains.  The magnificent display of different colored lights that brighten up the sky is just a spectacular event you wouldn’t want to miss.  The whole show takes place in the downtown area of Gatlinburg and lasts about twenty minutes.

If you want to have the best seat in the house, you can go to traffic light #3 and traffic light #5.  It provides the best view of the fireworks every year. However, a lot of people have been let in on this vital information so it would be best if you come in early to make sure you can set up before the crowds get heavy.

Reason #2 to Spend the Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains: Midnight Parade

Gatlinburg, TN surely doesn’t waste any time at all.  A Midnight parade starts at 12:01 AM every July 04. The parade is about a mile in length and includes exotic cars, balloons, floats, and multiple marching units from all over the country.  It starts at Baskins Creek Bypass, going towards Parkway at traffic light #3 and then going through the downtown area toward traffic light #10 at Ski Mountain Road.

This festive parade is so famous that most people a day before to secure their seats by the road.  More and more people are taking out their lawn chairs to get a front seat to this annual parade. Your family will get a kick out of this parade because grandparents, parents, teenagers, and kids will enjoy the whole time.  It is a family bonding opportunity.

Remember to charge your phones and cameras so you won’t miss out on great pictures and great videos you can forever cherish with your loved ones.  In a few years, your children will appreciate all the little memories you’ve managed to preserve for them.

Reason #3 to Spend the Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains: River Raft Regatta

By midday, another prestigious event takes place over at Little Pigeon River.  The enjoyable race is called River Raft Regatta. Anyone can enter their entry to the race as long as it is floatable.  The competition starts at noon, but your entries have to be there by 10:00 AM. You can enter rafts which can be handcrafted or those which are not hand-made.  Some people even join with rubber ducks! This fun-filled race’s aims to help as the proceeds are meant to go to the Gatlinburg Chamber Foundation and winners receive trophies.  

Reason #4 to Spend the Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains: Dollywood

Dollywood is a staple landmark in the Great Smoky Mountains.  So, of course, they’d want to help everyone have a good time! They start on the Fourth of July on July 01 and end on July 08.  There is nothing like a week-long celebration to fire up everyone. Dollywood helps liven up the crowd with extended hours, exclusive shows, and fireworks every evening for the whole family to enjoy!  

Reason #5 to Spend the Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains: Annual Patriot Festival 

Pigeon Forge annually prepares a lot of music, games, food, and activities during the Fourth of July.  You can get excellent seats to famous musical performers for free! They also have their own fireworks to end the night.

Reason #6 to Spend the Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains: The People

Aside from the accommodating and lovely locals, you’ll be celebrating along with everyone else!  Thousands of tourists from all over the country go up to the Great Smoky Mountains for the Fourth of July.  Everyone in Gatlinburg is truly on celebration mode! It is best to be with people who have the same goals as you have because it all just sets the right mood and ambiance to give way for everyone to enjoy and have a good time.

Reason #7 to Spend the Fourth of July in the Great Smoky Mountains: Food and Music

Gatlinburg offers a feast of food, no doubt.  There are different types of cuisines for everyone to enjoy.  But of course, for the Fourth of July, there is nothing like good old Country Style cooking and of course good old July Fourth food like American hotdogs and burgers!  You can quickly grill your own barbecue in our beautiful cabins in the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg.

Music performers, shows, and concerts are all around you.  You can even get a blanket and sit on the grass and relax the night away.  The best way to just chill out is to listen to great music, and the best thing about it in Gatlinburg is because you can enjoy them for free.

Independence Day:  When Did It All Begin?

However, grandiose the celebration of Independence Day in the Great Smokies is, it is essential that we never forget what we are celebrating.  The Fourth of July is more than just picnics, parades, hot-dogs, sports and fireworks.  

It all began and traced its roots in the Revolutionary War wherein the thirteen colonies of the United States fought and strives hard to gain their independence from the British crown.  Contrary to popular belief, the Declaration of Independence as not signed on the Fourth of July. The only news-worthy thing that happened on July 04 was the completion of the first draft and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence document to the Continental Congress.

I believe that though it is essential to know the facts and how our country finally formalized everything, it is much more important to understand what we are celebrating.  As a nation, we are standing up to promote equality and the freedom to be who we are. And I quote Franklin Roosevelt in his speech dated September 22, 1936:

“In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.”

Let us all continue to honor the privilege that we have been blessed with, let us always bring into remembrance the countless sacrifices of all the men and women who gave up their lives just so we can be called, “The Land of the Free.”

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