Fishing in Smoky Mountains

Fishing in Smoky Mountains

Fishing in Smoky Mountains

The National Park in the Great Smokies has around 2,900 miles of streams within its boundaries. It is also one of the few remaining wild trout habitats in the United States

Best Way to Enjoy Fishing in Smoky Mountains is with Family and Friends

Do you want to know the best way to enjoy fishing in Smoky Mountains? The answer is really simple – spend it with your loved ones! This activity has always been one of the best ways to bond, catch up, and have a great time. Of course, you also need to plan out the trip well. But don’t worry, because even a little research can go a long way. 

The National Park in the Great Smokies has around 2,900 miles of streams within its boundaries. It is also one of the few remaining wild trout habitats in the United States that offer a variety of fishing experience. Around 20% of the park’s streams can support trout population and serve as home to headwater trouts and coolwater smallmouth bass making it an ideal place to find best places to fish. 

Fishing is permitted all year long in the park because the streams always remain at or near their carrying capacity of fish. So if you want to go fishing in Smoky Mountains, you may do so at any time you want. Just make sure that you have a valid fishing license or permit issued from Tennessee or North Carolina before you head over your favorite fishing spot.

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The Best Way to Enjoy Fishing in Smoky Mountains is to Secure Your Permit

Everyone just wants to have a good time while on vacation. As much as possible, you wouldn’t want to deal with anything that may spoil your trip. In order to ensure that you and your loved ones will have an enjoyable fishing time, it is best to get your license ahead of time. This is very important because you will only be allowed to fish in the National Park if you have a Tennessee or North Carolina permit.  

The requirements for both states are very similar and only differ with the age bracket. You may purchase the permit directly from either of the states’ government or online. For Tennessee residents and non-residents, anyone who is 13 years old and above must secure a fishing license while those who are 65 years and up will be given a special permit. Those who are located in and around North Carolina follow the same fishing rules, but at the age of 16 and 70 respectively. Furthermore, individuals who are younger than the specified age for each state will fall under the adult daily bag and possession limits and are subject to all other regulations. 

Since fishing time is allowed 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sundown, you will have the entire day to catch all the fish that you want! Just make sure that you follow the limitations set by the park’s authorities. For the daily catch, you are only allowed five brook, rainbow or brown trout, smallmouth bass, or a combination of everything. 

Your total possession must not exceed this number, regardless of whether they are fresh, stored in an ice chest, or preserved. You can only add a maximum of 20 rock bass to the said daily limit, and once you’ve reached that, you have to wait until tomorrow for your next fishing spree. There is also a size chart that you should observe with every fish that you catch. The minimum size for brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, and smallmouth bass is 7 inches. Any catch that is smaller than this size should be thrown back in the water. 

After enjoying your fishing activity with your loved ones, please take the time to answer a short survey online. This will provide the park with vital information on the fish caught and harvested in the area. Your answers will help the park biologists determine not only to catch and harvest rates but also angler use patterns and other seasonal concerns. 

Bringing Proper Equipment is the Best Way to Enjoy Fishing in Smoky Mountains

Before you go on your fishing trip, you should run down your checklist to make sure everything is complete. Doing this shouldn’t take too long since you’ll only need two things – a fishing rod and some bait. What you should make sure of is that your equipment follows the standard set by the park. For example, you may only use one hand-held rod when fishing. Natural baits like worms, salmon eggs, and bread are all prohibited. To avoid water pollution, visitors like you can only use artificial flies and lures to catch the fish. In addition, you are also not allowed to use double, treble, or gang hooks because it may harm the fishes in the area. Anyway, everything will be inspected by authorized personnel, and you can take this opportunity to get some tips on how you can turn your fishing adventure into a success!

The Best Way to Enjoy Fishing in Smoky Mountains is to be a Responsible Fisherman

Mother Nature has been giving us so much to enjoy that we sometimes forget to give the favor back. A simple gesture from you would mean so much and help extend the time that everyone can enjoy God’s creation. If you see any floating garbage, like a piece of plastic or can, please do pick it up and throw it in the right place. It is also unlawful to dispose of fish remains on land or water within 200 feet of a campsite. The National Park Service highly suggests that these things should be disposed of in a deep pool downstream for the campsite. 

To avoid getting into trouble with authority, please avoid disturbing or moving the rocks to form channels or rock dams. Doing either can significantly harm the aquatic creatures living in the area, which is why the park has deemed it illegal. Fishes like building their nests in small cavities under the rocks and when these are distorted, their homes are also destroyed. So please be kind enough just to leave everything as it is when you go fishing here. 

We know that you went on this trip because you want to have the time of your life. But first things first, safety is always a must! The water levels on the mountains tend to rise unexpectedly due to storms that happen quite frequently. Be watchful of the water as the currents can get swifter, and if you lose your footing, you might get carried away. Keep in mind too that standing or wading streams can drain body heat and can lead to hypothermia, so dress appropriately when you go fishing in the Great Smokies. 

One of the most important policies of the National Park is to preserve the natural resources on the mountain, and you can contribute to this by being a responsible fisherman. If you want to know how you can genuinely enjoy your fishing trip, the answer is really simple – just abide by the rules set by the park and be respectful of the environment. Do your part today, and the generations to come will have the privilege to experience the things that you are doing right now.

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