Facts about Pigeon Forge

Facts about Pigeon Forge

Facts about Pigeon Forge

With so much going on in Pigeon Forge, it's no wonder that there a lot of fun facts about the town you can get your hands on. There is more to know among your favorite local attractions.

Facts about Pigeon Forge : Fun Facts to Know about Pigeon Forge Tennessee

With so much going on in Pigeon Forge, it’s no wonder that there a lot of fun facts about the town you can get your hands on.  There is more to know among your favorite local attractions. We will be sharing a few things here and there so that you’ll get even more excited and appreciative of your Pigeon Forge visit.  A little truth won’t hurt anybody right? It’s actually an excellent opportunity for learning. Here are some fun facts for you to enjoy.

Facts about Pigeon Forge #1: Fun Facts on a Few One-of-a-Kind Attractions in Pigeon Forge

There are only two Titanic museums in the country.  These museums are owned by none other than the legendary John Joslyn.  He was also the one who spearheaded all the Titanic wreckage exploration which was able to retrieve artifacts from the wreckage which are available on display at the museum.  He had to spend more than a month at sea in order to do this. His finds are also accompanied by donated artifacts from survivors and families of descendants as well as other collectors.  All these over four hundred artifacts are worth over 4.5 million dollars. He took great photographs of the wreckage which are also available at the museum.  

The interactive museum allows you to feel and experience what the first and last passengers of this momentous ship experienced.  You’ll get to experience walking the million dollar handcrafted Grand Staircase, listen to real-life stories from survivors themselves, touch and see a real iceberg and more!  You will also be handed a boarding pass at the start of the tour, stating the life of the passenger who once walked the halls. There are only two Titanic museums in the country, and one of them is in Pigeon Forge.  So, this is an opportunity where you can enjoy and learn about history.

Our Outdoor Gravity Park is also one you wouldn’t want to miss.  You can try zorbing which is basically going inside a giant bubble ball and roll down the hill.  It is the only one you can find in the United States so it is definitely one experience you can uniquely experience with our family.  This activity originated in the country of New Zealand and has captured adventure-junkies all over the country.

Another unique establishment in Pigeon Forge is the Margaritaville Hotel.  There are only five of them in the United States, and one of them is nesting right in Pigeon Forge.  Speaking of local attractions, another fun fact you may want to know is that the Hollywood Wax Museum, also found in Pigeon Forge is one of only four Hollywood Wax museums in the country.  So, as you can see, Pigeon Forge has brought all the great and unique things together in one place! You can try visiting all these extraordinary entertainments without having to travel to different locations.

Facts about Pigeon Forge #2: Fun Facts about Dollywood in Pigeon Forge

There is a replica of our dear Dolly’s home inside Dollywood.  It was built by her brother and mother, and it is the exact representation of her home as she was growing up.  Dollywood is the most visited tourist attraction in the whole state of Tennessee. This is because it has proven to be an excellent bonding avenue for families.  Everyone is sure to find something they enjoy in the theme park from rides to entertainment and food. Dolly still makes appearances in Dollywood up until today, and everyone still loves her just as much.

Facts about Pigeon Forge #3: Fun Facts about How the Great Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge, and Tennessee Got Its Name

Well, it wasn’t called the Smoky Mountains for nothing.  Have you ever wondered why there’s some smoke-like mist that can be seen on the Smoky Mountains?  Well, that’s not smoke. That’s condensed air that is trapped in the trees and vegetation that is released in the air.   It is actually some sort of fog. Think of it this way; people breathe, and so do plants. So, when the plants breathe together, the vapor they release forms the smoke-like appearance you see.

Pigeon Forge is quite a unique name, and so is its origin.  It is actually named after a bird that no longer exists today.  The Passenger Pigeon was last seen in the year 1914 and were hunted to extinction.  They usually visited the town especially the banks of Pigeon River where an iron forge was also constructed.  Thus, the name Pigeon Forge was coined.

On the other hand, the name Tennessee came from the mighty Cherokees.  They were the ones who were first to inhabit the Smokies. They usually met in the area of the town, and so they called it meeting place which is translated as the Cherokee word “Tanasee” and so Tennessee got its name.   

Facts about Pigeon Forge #4: Fun Facts about the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge

This very popular and historical landmark was built in 1830.  In the 1900s Up until 1935, it was used as a source of electricity.  During the Civil War, they used the Old Mill as a temporary hospital for the soldiers wounded at war.  They also used it as an area to make the uniforms. Today, the Old Mill stands as a remembrance of the great historical times in the past, and it is used to grind grain into flour.  The flour is what local shops like bakeries and restaurants use do create local products and dishes.

Fun Fact #5: Fun Facts on the Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains is beaming with life.  There’s no doubt about that. There are thousands of species you can find in the National Park alone.  You can go bird watching for hours, check out exhibits of different species or admire great creatures in their natural homes.  There are 1,500 bears in the park alone, and there is a huge chance you’ll get to have an encounter with them in one of your trail hikes.  There are about 150 trails that you can choose from so you can be one with nature and experience it for yourself.

Facts about Pigeon Forge #6: Fun Facts on the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel in Pigeon Forge

The island is in Pigeon Forge is where you’ll find the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel.  The giant wheel stands 200 feet tall. It is one of the best spots where you can see the whole town and admire its beauty.  You’ll be mesmerized by the LED light show in the evening, 24,000 square foot of LED lights were created to brighten up the night.  A ride will last around ten minutes, and the wheel is reported to have around 1,500 rides every hour. Their climate-controlled gondolas are made of glass so you’ll be sure to be comfortable and get a good view the whole time.

These are just a few fun facts about our humble city.  Come and experience Pigeon Forge yourself and we’ll teach you more fun facts!  We are excited to have you and to show you how to have a great wholesome time with your family!  Contact us for more information on board and lodging. We have great cabins available to accommodate no matter the size of your group.

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