Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

Christmas Season

Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is a charming destination settled at the entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It fills with millions of visitors every year.

A Winter of Your Dreams Christmas – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

Have you ever seen Gatlinburg during Christmas season? As the holidays are fast approaching, our minds are now focused on how to have a great holiday vacation. Most of us would love to explore new places and travel to faraway lands. Instead of stressing yourself where to spend the holidays, why not consider spending it in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 

Gatlinburg is a charming destination settled at the entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It fills with millions of visitors every year. However, the town’s population is just under 4,000, giving it a pleasant blend of a tourist destination and small-town charisma. Come experience soaring mountains, Appalachian hospitality, and local shops that reflect genuine mountain living.

About Gatlinburg – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is not at all like anywhere else in the world. Situated at the doorstep of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this enchanting city offers an unrivaled landscape and a brilliant assortment of family-friendly attractions. 

Gatlinburg, city, Sevier county, eastern Tennessee, U.S. It lies around 30 miles (50 km) southeast of Knoxville, at the northwestern access to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

Viewed as the doorway of the incomparable Smoky Mountain National Park, Gatlinburg is one of the most visited towns near the Smoky Mountains. In this way, make the most as possible from your vacation get-away in Gatlinburg by spending it with your family and loved ones. It is packed with fun and exciting things to do, here in Gatlinburg you can enjoy while being relaxed at the same time. 

Reasons to Spend the Holidays in Gatlinburg – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg TN wakes up during the holidays, particularly during Christmas, embellished with lovely lights and festive occasion shows the whole way across the town, making it the ideal spot to appreciate the special seasons with your family and friends.

Bond with Family – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

Spending Christmas at home is decent, yet some of the time, it tends to be anything but difficult to get occupied by cooking, cleaning, and different chores, and you don’t spend a lot of time holding with your family as you might want. When you spend the holidays in Gatlinburg, TN, your family will bond over new encounters and the beginning of new traditions.

Spending time with your family is more enjoyable than ever in Gatlinburg, here you can appreciate the company of one another while enjoying the great attractions and fun activities around the town. Gatlinburg is a place where you can create memories with your loved ones, as it offers a scenic view of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, and the environment is such a lovely place.

Escape the Stress – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

It’s easy to get worried during Christmas by all the cooking, cleaning and different errands that are involved with hosting a family gathering, so why not get away from all the issue by spending the up and coming holidays in Gatlinburg TN. There’s no cleaning involved as you will be staying in budget-friendly cabins or hotel rooms. You also won’t have to stress over cooking if you would prefer not to because here in Gatlinburg TN there have many delicious restaurants that will please every member of your family. 

Here in Gatlinburg, as mentioned, you can enjoy yourself while being relaxed at the same time.

Save Money – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

fI you spend Christmas at home, you wind up spending a considerable amount of cash on groceries, decorations, and lots of gifts. While these things can be fun, exciting, and memorable, it can likewise be tough on your wallet. When you spend the holidays in Gatlinburg, TN, you’re probably going to really save a considerable amount of cash. 

Instead of hoarding enough food to feed your whole neighborhood, you will save cash by treating your family out to a pleasant supper on the town. Furthermore, rather than buying presents, treat your children to a couple of fun Gatlinburg TN attractions. The kids will have a lot of fun, and you’ll save some serious money, making this a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Nearby Local Events – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

Perhaps the best thing about spending the upcoming holidays in Gatlinburg TN is that there are lots of family-friendly events. From parades and Christmas festivals to arts and crafts shows and live music events, Gatlinburg TN is loaded with fun ways to approach the season.

Things to do in Gatlinburg during Christmas – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

During Christmas in Gatlinburg, there’s holiday magic around each corner. From the beautiful Christmas lights that decorate the entire town to festive holiday attractions, there are a lot of activities in Gatlinburg for Christmas. So, here are some things to do in Gatlinburg.

Get to See Incredible Holiday Attractions – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

You can see and witness the incredible Christmas lights of Gatlinburg’s Winter Magic Festival. You can immediately notice that all of Gatlinburg is full of the holiday spirit. The Trolly Ride of Lights makes it easy to explore the light shows of Gatlinburg, and fabulous events like the Fantasy of Lights Christmas Parade on December 5th bring more cheer to the Smokies. 

While the whole town of Gatlinburg resembles a Christmas wonderland, there are a couple of attractions that can make your Gatlinburg Christmas get-away considerably increasingly fun.

See A Christmas Show in Pigeon Forge – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

In the nearby town of Pigeon Forge, you can discover many theaters and dinner shows, debuting exclusive Christmas shows to celebrate the special seasons. Major venues such as the Dixie Stampede, The Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show, and the Smoky Mountain Opry all put on great performances that bring life into Christmas. 

Gatlinburg offers the Sweet Fanny Adam’s Christmas show, which is closer to town. This local theater is known for its offbeat, absurd, vaudeville-style acts.

Dine Out in Gatlinburg – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

While some may savor preparing a tasty meal for their family and friends, a few of us would honestly rather spend time with our friends and family. Fortunately, you won’t need to prepare a major Christmas supper in Gatlinburg. Have a delicious Christmas feast at these cafés that are open on Christmas day.

  • Cherokee Grill
  • Smoky Mountain Brewery
  • Calhoun’s Restaurant
  • The Smoky Mountain Trout House
  • The Greenbrier Restaurant – Open Christmas Eve
Stay in a Cabin – Christmas Season in Gatlinburg

Here in Gatlinburg, you can find lots of places where you can stay. From hotel rooms to inns and cabins, however, if you really want to enjoy the company of your family and friends in one place. Consider booking a cabin, and here in the Smoky Mountains Company can help you with that.

The Smoky Mountain Company is the guide to the Great Smoky Mountains. As we offer news and guides to help, you have a great experience with your stay in Gatlinburg. Our company owns different types of cabins that can suit your needs. 

Our cabins are guaranteed to have an unforgettable mountain view. It is like your homes here in the Smokies. Our cabins aim to give you a pleasant and memorable experience during your stay here in Gatlinburg during this season. By staying in a log cabin, you can experience the warm glow of a fireplace, the comfort of a large kitchen for preparing meals, and a game room for fun evenings with your family.

In this way, consider spending the Christmas season in Gatlinburg, as getting away from this real world for a couple of days and appreciating some time in the Smokies is a new and exciting approach to spend the holiday, and who knows, you might end up creating a brand-new family tradition.

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