Cave and Cavern in the Great Smoky Mountains To Visit and See

Cave and Cavern

Cave and Cavern in the Great Smoky Mountains To Visit and See

One of the best places to be on earth is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park you can see cool caves and caverns that are so astounding.

Great Finds in Cave and Caverns in the Smokies

One of the best places to be on earth is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park you can see cool cave and cavern that are so astounding. The Great Smoky Mountains are a series of mountain ranges along the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. It is also an American national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Great Smoky Mountains is one of the largest protected areas in the United States as the park encompasses 522,419 acres of land. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the major tourist destination in the United States. As it caters thousands of recreational visitors every year.

Considering it is one of the best tourist destination in the United States, the Great Smoky Mountains is really a treasure for those who loves adventure. Not only that it has magnificent views over the mountains, the Smokies also has a lot of great attractions and activities that is considered to be world class. The national park also has a great history dating back to the old Cherokee stories. But it’s not just fun and excitement that the Smokies has to offer, as the national park also is place of tranquil and relaxation. Almost every tourist who had visited the Great Smoky Mountains had always wanting to comeback.

But the thing that really captures the hearts of the tourist here in the Great Smoky Mountains is the great outdoors. The Smokies is considered to have a great outdoors, as the area has a lush green forest where wildflowers and plants blooms throughout the year and looming wildlife where these animals just roam around the national park. The Great Smoky Mountains all in all is a beauty up above the mountains. But how about we go underneath?

The Great Smoky Mountains is also a beauty underneath, as there are lots of caves throughout the mass acres of lands in the Smokies. And these caves has its own natural wonders that will captivate your eyes, hearts and minds. Caves or Caverns are large natural holes beneath the surface that are large enough for a person to explore. Caves have always captivates us, as this chambers has full of secrets. These underground chambers are not built in just an instance or it started out just as caves. Caves are formed in lots of different ways or processes including chemical reactions, sea waves, lava caves and pressure. The most commons and largest caves are being formed through chemical reactions between groundwater and bedrock composed of limestone or dolomite. This water has acid on it which slowly dissolves limestone and there you form a cave. Most of these caves are form in karst landscape. Named after the Karst region of the western Balkan Peninsula. Karst is a type of landscape made of limestone, dolomite and gypsum rocks. Caves in karst landscapes are the most common and also most visited due to their grand interiors that are well decorated with stalactites, stalagmites and other speleothems. And the one who studies caves are called speleology.

Caves are either small which people find it hard to get in or penetrate, while others are so big that it stretch undergrounds for tens or hundreds of kilometers even a building can fit in. There are different types of caves found all over the world. Some are hidden and some is a great tourist attraction. Those caves that are open as tourist attractions offers people an extraordinary experience of learning and excitement. And some caves are found beneath the Great Smoky Mountains.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is not just a beauty from the outside but also a beauty from the inside. There are hundreds of caves throughout the Smokies, creating natural wonders beneath the great mountains. These caves offers, not only remarkable decoration but also history. As once they we’re a shelter for the Indians who are hunting in the dense forest of the Great Smoky Mountains. And we have listed caves that offers you an experience of a lifetime in beauty and history.

Forbidden Caverns – Cave and Cavern

One of the fascinating places to visit in the Great Smoky Mountains is the Forbidden Caverns. Located in the Sevierville, TN, this underground attraction will leave tourist amazed. As the cave offers you information about the history of the cavern and stunning rock formations. The Forbidden Caverns is a 1 hour walking tour that guides tourist through sparkling rock formations, towering chimneys, and a clear stream. The Forbidden Caverns gets its name from an old Cherokee legend from the Smoky Mountains. This legend was being told to Cherokee children so that their kids won’t venture into the caverns alone. However, the Indians used the caves for shelter during their hunting trips. As you’ll likely see drawings on walls and the cavern is filled with carved tools and weapons. For Native Americans the cave provided shelter in cold weather and it offers the Native Americans constant supply of water through the streams. Experts believe that the cave’s water comes from an underground lake beneath the Great Smoky Mountains. And from 1920 to 1943, moonshiners would use the caverns as a hiding place to make their moonshine. And up until around 1967 that the Forbidden Caverns is was open to public view.

Tours in the Forbidden Cavern would take up to an hour, that provides educational learning for tourist and it is also a kid friendly tour. Touring inside the caverns requires appropriate clothes which you are comfortable to wear. There are some light water throughout the caverns, so a closed shoes or a hiking shoes is required to wear throughout the tour, as there would be a slightly walking around the Forbidden Caverns.

Tuckaleechee Caverns – Cave and Cavern

Located in Townsend, TN. The Tuckaleechee Caverns is known as the greatest site under the Great Smoky Mountains. As you will find some of the most remarkable caverns anywhere in the United States. And not to mention the size of the caverns and the stunning rock formations that makes the caverns a must visit attractions in the Smoky Mountains. The Tuckaleechee Caverns first opened in 1973, but it was closed as during the Great Depression and was opened again in 1953. A year later in 1954 cave explorers have discovered what they have called the Big Room. This is so enormous that almost a football stadium can fit inside. And in your tour you will also get to view the Silver Falls. It falls 210 feet from top to bottom making it the tallest subterranean waterfall in the Eastern United States. The Tuckaleechee Caverns is such a wonder under the Great Smoky Mountains.

There are still tons of caves all around the Smoky Mountains. However, these two are most popular tourist attractions that everyone who visit the Smokies must go here.

Practice Safety When Visiting Caves and Caverns in the Great Smokies – Cave and Cavern

In any outdoor activity, you must practice extreme caution.  And exploring caves and caverns are no exception. First of all, make sure you are with a group and that people know you are going into caves.  It is never a good idea to be alone. The least number of people that should go in to explore should be around four. When you tell people you’re going to go in the caverns, make sure they have a good idea how long it will take.

You and your group ought to likewise remember other potential dangers other than getting lost inside.  You also have to watch for falling rocks. In fact, this is the reason that you are required to wear helmets and bring flashlights.  

It is also important to do your research before you go into a cave or cavern.  You have to know how difficult the trail inside is. Some of them are too hard for beginners and kids or the elderly.  Another safety tip is to be sure what the temperature will be in the cave. You don’t want to be dressed inappropriately.  Some caves are very warm and some are cold so you have to wear the proper clothing.

Always practice extreme caution.  Always watch your step and slow down and watch where you are walking. Don’t run and jump and make sudden movements that can lead to an accident or injury.  It also wise to steer away from any exploration when it is raining. Caves easily flood and you might get trapped inside.

These are only some of the simple safety measures we must take.  While most tours are already strictly regulated, it won’t hurt for you to prepare and also be on your guard.  You can have fun without being careless. Great memories with outdoor activities don’t have to come at a price.  

So come to the Great Smoky Mountains and explore the wonderful caves and caverns we have for you.  They are timeless beauties that you will never regret seeing. They can show you all the hidden beauty this world has to offer.

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