Camping in Gatlinburg with Your Family To Go To

Camping in Gatlinburg

Camping in Gatlinburg with Your Family To Go To

Camping with your family is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities, and one location that is great for it is Gatlinburg.

Consider Camping in Gatlinburg with Your Family 

Camping in Gatlinburg with your family is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities, and one location that is great for it is Gatlinburg.  Camping so popular that most of the people in the United States have tried or experienced camping at a young age. Camping is an outdoor activity, which allows you to stay overnight away from home and experience other types of shelter, such as tents or cabins.

 Most of the camping trips are held in the wilderness, whether in an open field, on the beachfront, in the forest or maybe up in the mountains. The concept of camping was first introduced by a British tailor traveler Thomas Hiram Holding and was popularized in the year 1880s. Holding has spent much of his youth traveling with his parents. He was also responsible for the different types of camping and popularized them in the early 20th century. He, later on, established the formation of the first camping group in 1901 and named it the Association of Cycle Campers. He wrote a book entitled The Campers Handbook in 1908, so he could share his enthusiasm for the great outdoors in the world. 

Camping in Gatlinburg with Your Family at Present

Nowadays, camping is a custom for most western families to go outdoors and spend quality time with family or friends. These five types of camping ideas that were introduced for everyone to enjoy. And we have listed some for your reference. 

Tent Camping – Camping in Gatlinburg

When you think about camping, there is one thing that comes up from your mind very quickly, tents! Tent camping the most basic kind of camping, wherein you go somewhere in the great outdoors like in the countryside make some tents and stay there for one or a few nights. This kind of camping is usually spent in the woods or on the beach with family, friends, scouts or group activities. 

Backpacking or Hiking – Camping in Gatlinburg 

This kind of camping trip is usually associated with spending the day walking around and carrying everything you need on your backpack. It also means spending the night in your tent or hammock. In this kind of camping, a hiker should be prepared not merely with the essential camping equipment but also in the physical aspect. Moreover, this kind of camping needs to be planned ahead of time.

Survivalist Camping – Camping in Gatlinburg

When you hear the word survival, what do you usually think of? Sounds something thrilling, right? This kind of camping is the most extreme kind of camping, and only those who are incredibly competent and experienced campers can do this. Unlike backpacking camping, survivalist means you have to survive with less provision and just rely on what is around, such as fishing and getting food from fruit-bearing trees. This kind of camping requires you to have special camping skills.

Canoe Camping – Camping in Gatlinburg

Canoe camping idea is just like backpacking, but the difference is you travel on water and not on foot. You can carry as much load as you can because you have a canoe where you can place some of your things, and it enables you to travel much further.

RV and Van Camping – Camping in Gatlinburg

This is one of the most convenient types of camping. It combines the pleasure of spending the outdoors while being close to your vehicles for mobility purposes. You’ll have the luxury of sleeping in a much safer and convenient place inside your RV or Van. This kind of camping style is suitable for those who just want to have a quick trip outside the city. 

Camping in Gatlinburg Means Precious Quality Time

Whether you want to try tent camping, backpacking, survivalist, canoe or even RV camping idea, there’s no greater pleasure than having to spend it with your family. Having quality time with your loved ones creates a memorable experience with each other, and it would establish a more excellent bond for each of the family members. 

It is also a great activity for you to catch up with your family and patch some things that were broken. Choosing the best campsite for your family is clearly one of the most important things you must plan. There are a lot of campgrounds around the globe for your camping activity.  Most people tend to go to the woods or beaches or even just the roadside. However, if you wanted to have an adventurous and exciting camping experience, why not try camping in the Great Smoky Mountains. The place is full of camping sites, and it was listed as one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. Here you can experience every camping types listed as mentioned. You can also enjoy having a great view of the natural wonders of the Great Smoky Mountains

The Best CampSite while Camping in Gatlinburg with Your Family

What is the best campsite around the Smokies? Well, there is no exact answer, as it would depend on the area of your preference in your camping environment.   If you want the convenience of your RV or van, you can camp at Gatlinburg and Greenbrier Campground. You can enjoy lots of easy access amusements such as food restaurants, waterparks, fishing, or even simple hikes. 

If you wanted to experience backpacking – try Elkmont.  You can enjoy camping around the beautiful campground fronting the rivers. The place is easily accessible as they have bathhouses and flush toilets. And if you want to try the basic tent camping style then go to Cades Cove. The campsite is in the middle of the valley, and you can enjoy wildlife and scenic mountain views. Take note you can rent a bicycle around the campgrounds and can stroll around the area. So choosing the best campsite for your family can be efficiently planned in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Benefits of Camping in Gatlinburg with Your Family 

There are camping benefits for you and for everyone else who wants to camp, especially with your family. You will be able to inhale fresh air around the countryside; you can also strengthen your socialization bonds while doing some hiking and exercise around. It may also reduce your stress levels as you are getting restful and peaceful sleep in your tent or your hammock. 

Camping may also provide the time for you to get more sunshine than you usually do. It can also eliminate distractions, and it helps you improve your mood. Moreover, camping with your family has more enormous benefits. This is because camping creates an opportunity to spend and bond together as a family, talking with each other without distractions and crazy stressful streets of the city. Also, there are no TV or gadgets where you can focus your energy. You can focus on what truly matters.

Before you head out remember to be familiar with your gear, buy a tent big enough for you and your company, make a checklist, arrive in the campground early, plan your meals, observe rules and bring sufficient clothing and avoid severe weather. These are just simple camping tips for everyone who wants a fun and exciting outdoor adventure. So if you want serenity and peace, then bring your family for a camping trip around the Great Smoky Mountains.

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