Blue Smoke in Smoky Mountains – Why it’s Called Mountains

Blue Smoke

Blue Smoke in Smoky Mountains – Why it’s Called Mountains

Scientifically speaking, according to studies smoky mountains are often called “smoky” because of the chemical component called the VOC which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds.

What makes Smoky Mountain smoky? – Blue Smoke in Smokies

Have you ever ask yourself why Blue Smoke appears in the Smokies?Living in a society where stress is a normal thing for some, rather a stressful nature that sometimes may lead to confusion in every each way. Every decision was crucial to think whether to do this or do that but, to seek is to identify the inner self rather than stimulating negative thoughts in mind which may lead to outcomes that we didn’t plan, foresee or come if we didn’t think wisely and right. However, there are ways to ensure that you live life with value. Although you might consider it in different aspect whether you could enjoy traveling just to explore some things that are new or maybe physical ways to unwind away from toxics in life. Activities may help such as hiking, experience walking in trails even climbing in stiff rocks which can create self-satisfaction for those who are adventurous either hobby or passion. Other may be time for reconnecting yourself back with nature, meditate, and enjoy tremendous views of mountains, exploring the beauty of nature and enjoy every single chance to restore yourself away from the problems, the stress in life it would be such a great feeling. Also, aside from mountains can be the best way to cure yourself It can be dangerous too if you did not fully prepare for the trip. Mountains can be very difficult to cross when its winter season because probabilities are uneven surfaces, can be formed made by vast snow, and in the forest, there are huge trees which can be dangerous if you encounter wild animals like wolves even bears. Moreover, walking a thousand miles is a requirement just to reach the top view. But experiencing these dangerous tracks can be paid off after seeing the beauty of a mountain with majestic view, different formations of clouds, fogs, and sometimes the best place to meditate, and relax away from stress in life, work or any other forms of stress to reconnect with nature. Also, to travel is the best time for vacations to enjoy and spending memorable time with family, friends even special someone. A chance to enjoy first-class accommodations, a nice place for a comfortable stay to pamper, experience good food with various activities. Take into consideration that each every life needs some time to lean back, reflect, chill, be positive and stay calm as much as possible to be focused on how to do things right and in order, because if you’re lost, you won’t find your way looking at the ground, You’ve got to look at your surroundings. 

What makes smoky mountain smoky? – Blue Smoke in Smokies

Scientifically speaking, according to studies smoky mountains are often called “smoky” because of the chemical component called the VOC which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These compounds found in the trees which are probably normal because it is the area of vegetation, and creates an effect of fogging air, aside from trees produces harmless chemicals namely water and oxygen. But in the atmosphere, VOC contributes to having good chemical balance in the air. Although there are questions and concerns more specifically on how huge are the amount of blue gas transforms in the air but lab scientist creates a clear understanding of what causes the mountain smoky. The smoky vibe most people likely to see is the fog which contributed so much more of like a blue smoke illusion because of the blue light but the smoke is a vapor released from the areas of vegetation in the forest when gases are scattered. However, it is somewhat a problem because these blue smoke or haze attracts sunlight and rainfall that stimulates to the air and causes the air to be stagnant then adds pollution to the air. In this case, further observations of blue smoke are being monitored over time because some particles are blocking the sunlight from getting through. Although it could not dislike the fact that blue smoke are seamlessly beautiful.

East vs. West which side of the smokies is the best? – Blue Smoke in Smokies

Most visitors or travelers are often to have mind questions before most of their trips. One would say if I walking that far, will that enjoys me? Or maybe it requires to be more of a nice view for me to relax and unwind? Or maybe will I be contented with the scenic view at the top with just a few walks? Or on which side of the mountain would be more exciting to climb, or maybe there is no difference at all, etc. There are two types of people can be accounted for in this scenario, one is those who are open for adventures. People who would like to experience three or two hours of walking distance. The other one was contented in the not so far walk, and contented in a not so high view of the mountain, and it would be better and satisfies their travel. Do smoky mountain have this effect of which side is beautiful or which side can be adventurous but once you’re at the top with the experience of climbing it will always be meaningful. However, it says that there is a different view on the west or east side of the mountain but the feeling maybe will not be different. Some say that the east side of the Smokies is the best for those who seek adventure because it is known to have a peaceful side when you reach the top. But for some, the best way to be in the Smokies is to be safe from the attacks, and away from wild bears. Although some may consider being wise geographically, on which way will be easier to travel either from the east side or west side that is convenient and more closer to the mountain. Some people are taking off limits to go to the east or west part of a mountain, just like taking an hour to travel through a national park to get to the other side of a mountain. A lot of tourists prefers to go to the west or the east part of a smoky mountain which leads to having many different amazing sites to visit.

Smoky mountains are the best destination and no wonder why a lot of people are trying to create great experiences and having fun at the top of it, where they can talk, bond with each other and a lot more activities. Being in a place where you can find great happiness is a big exploration and a new adventure as a person. Considering that Smoky Mountains has that effect of amazement by nature which is not a common thing you can observe and at that very moment, you will realize how beautiful and astonishing our environment is, where you can just sit outside of your house, grab a great coffee and fully thankful for what you have seen. Have you ever ask yourself “why does smoky mountains smoky?” when you think of it, you will feel very outcast and you probably just disregard its importance but the real thing is, you did not seek for its relevance and the beauty behind that question and some reasons, that smoky mountains could actually create something new to your life even though you’re not the type of person to hang out with or a person who really likes nature, but in some point, nature itself can convince you to be more productive and to live with tremendous experiences in life. Have you ever felt that situation where you are in the top of a smoky mountain with the person you love and you don’t know where that feeling does come? That sudden reaction in your face is completely priceless and you just staring at that person with a beautifully made ambiance and you did not realize, you are out of this world for a moment. A lot of things in this planet are actually made beautifully, and for that, there are no words you can utter in your mouth but a face with a happiness in your heart, just like a smoky mountain, it is very unusual to actually see the beautiful fog and all the romantic thing that you can only experience at the top of it. It doesn’t mean that you are not liking the fact of being on a mountain but the moment you take the first step of your journey upon climbing a mountain is very fulfilled, because you are in reality, you are not leaving with some drawings in your paper with a colorful sketch of the place that you wanted to visit or spend your life with it forever. That first step is a big forward towards worldly satisfaction, rejections, and a lot more things that you cannot get out of. Many would say that being on a  mountain is only for those who want it or deserve it, but the real-life won’t work for just a few but for those who think they belong to it.

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