Best Massage in Gatlinburg to Visit

Best Massage in Gatlinburg to Visit

Best Massage in Gatlinburg to Visit

If visiting a spa in Gatlinburg is not yet on your vacation list, go ahead and add it! A good massage is always an effective way to clear your mind.

Tips for Getting the Best Massage in Gatlinburg – Top 5 Picks of Locals and Visitors Alike

To maximize your vacation, here are some tip in getting the best massage in Gatlinburg. Did you know that this place is famous not only for its vast forestry and exciting outdoor activities but also for its amazing spas? Yes, you’ve read that, right! In fact, there are numerous spa clinics that you can choose from around town. Deciding which one can be quite overwhelming, which is why you’ll find this list really helpful. 

Bamboo Massage Spa – Best Massage in Gatlinburg

This one is quite easy to find – just go to the town center in the Fountain Plaza, and you’ll spot it there. The spa offers a variety of massages, but the best one to get here is their foot massage. So the most ideal time to go is when your foot is aching and tired of exploring the Great Smokies. 

Fox Place Salon and Spa  – Best Massage in Gatlinburg

You may call this spa as your one-stop shop for all your ‘feel good’ needs. It prides itself not only in providing relaxing massages, but also a wide array of other services. They offer haircuts and styling, facials, etc. If you’re holding your wedding or bachelorette party in Gatlinburg, they also have amazing packages that you might like. And you know what else? Their services are top-of-the-line but very pocket-friendly. You may want to check it out, especially if you’re on a tight budget. 

Relaxation Oasis  – Best Massage in Gatlinburg

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your massage, this is the place to be. The spa has the best water massages in town! Each session lasts for around 15 minutes, and unlike traditional massage, you can keep your clothes on. It may only last for a short period of the time, but it is guaranteed that you’ll get the same level of relaxation with having a 1-hour massage. Plus, the cost is considerably cheaper.

About You Salon and Day Spa  – Best Massage in Gatlinburg

The name of the spa says it all. Their services are all focused on helping you achieve your ultimate well-being. They have traditional massages, facials, and other skin care procedures. They even have a full-time chiropractor on board! You can also book bridal showers and wedding packages at this spa. 

Serenity Spa by Westgate  – Best Massage in Gatlinburg

This place is perfect for couples. If you’re looking for a spa that can add a romantic flair to your couples massage, then you should try this one. You can also get facials and other pampering services together. Although you may opt to have the services as a stand-alone, doing relaxing things as a couple has a special spark to it. If you want to start off your honeymoon on the right track, it is highly recommended to pay this spa a visit. 

If visiting a spa in Gatlinburg is not yet on your vacation list, go ahead and add it! A good massage is always an effective way to clear your mind from all the worries and stress of your everyday life. There is no better way to kick-off your getaway than to get ultimate relaxation from one of these spas. You’ll see, everything will look a little brighter and smell a lot fresher if you’re at ease. So for a truly relaxing vacation, book one of the cabins at Smoky Mountains Company. They’re located near the best spas, offer the most beautiful views, and the place itself provides comfort like no other. Not to mention, the cabins are also accessible to all the outdoor fun and activities in the mountains. Book your cabin today and get great deals too!

Tips in Getting the Best Massage in Gatlinburg – Different Types of Massages that You May Enjoy

Although not all spas offer these massages, most of them have it available. There may be a slight difference in how they are performed by therapists, but you’ll find that they are very similar. If there were any difference, it would be the cost of the service. The price really depends on the place; some spas may offer additional procedures for a fee while others have a free drink, hot towel, etc. 

Classic Swedish Massage

This is a gentle type of full-body massage that is highly recommended for first-timers, those who are sensitive to touch, and people who have a lot of tension in the body. Since it is a combination of kneading, long strokes in the direction of the heart, deep, circular motions, tapping and passive joint movement techniques, it is useful in releasing knots and can provide you full relaxation. It usually lasts for an hour or an hour and a half. 

Hot Stone Massage

If you’re getting tired of the traditional massage, this one is an excellent way to take it to another level. It’s also most ideal if you are having muscle pain and tension because it helps improve your blood flow. It is very similar to the Swedish Massage, but with the addition of the heated stones to help relieve tension in the body. Hot Stone Massage can effectively alleviate pain, promote relaxation, and usually lasts for 90 minutes.

Aromatherapy Massage

If you like the smell of essential oils, then you’ll be a big fan of this message. Aromatherapy is suggested for people who want to have an emotional healing component incorporated into their massage. It can help boost your mood, reduce anxiety or any symptoms of depression, and relieve muscle pain. The therapist will use gentle pressure while applying essential oils to your body. You may let them know if you have a preference for the oil. Some of the spas also put the oil in a diffuser to help their clients relax and enjoy the massage. Just like the Swedish Massage, it usually lasts for 60 to 90 minutes and focuses on the shoulders, back, and head. 

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage uses a little bit of pressure compared to the Swedish Massage. You’ll prefer this one if you find the Swedish Massage too gentle or soft. If you’re experiencing chronic muscle problems, injury, imbalance, or any soreness in your body, then Deep Tissue Massage is the one for you. The therapist will then use slow strokes and deep finger pressure to help relieve any stress, anxiety, or pain from the deepest layers of your muscles and tissues. It also usually lasts for an hour or more. 

Tips in Getting the Best Massage in Gatlinburg – Finding a Therapist that You’ll Like

People will always have their own preference with things – haircuts, food, activities, and even a massage therapist. One therapist may be the best for one client but could be the worst for another. If this is your first time to get and experience a massage in Gatlinburg, what you can do is get a recommendation from people who have already tried it. Their experiences may not be the same as yours; so to choose the best one in town, you need to do thorough research. Ask as many people as you can, and trust your better judgment. Also, try to meet all the therapist in a spa so you can choose someone that you feel comfortable with. This will give you a good start in relaxing, and that will really help in the success of your massage. Another thing to look for is a certificate or state license that is updated. You may have a brief conversation with your therapist before you get started. If you have no one to ask, you can always rely on the recommendations of the staff of Smoky Mountains Company. After all, the main goal of this cabin rental is to provide excellent customer service and help you have the best vacation of your life!

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