5 Best Attractions in Sevierville Tennessee

Attractions in Sevierville Tennessee

5 Best Attractions in Sevierville Tennessee

Sevierville is somewhat unique, as it is the hometown of the Smoky Mountains favorite daughter and the queen of country music Dolly Parton.

Check Out These Unique Attractions in Sevierville Tennessee

If you’re looking for unique places for a travel destination this year, you can check out attractions in Sevierville Tennessee.  You can check out the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is such a beautiful place. It takes pride in its natural beauty and lush green forest. The National Park is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the United States. It truly has a lot of unique and natural things you can enjoy.  

It is catering to thousands of visitors every year to experience its wonders. Tourists flock the Great Smoky Mountains for its wildlife, where you can get up close and personal with some of the most unique animals in the world. But that is not just the only reason why tourists go to the Smokies, this because of the fact that the Great Smoky Mountain has a lot of fun and exciting outdoor adventure. 

From hiking to whitewater rafting, these adventures are so much fun that you will want to come back. But for most tourists or visitors an escape from there busy and stressful days in the city is what they are looking for in the Great Smoky Mountains. And here in the Smokies, you will experience a relaxing and peaceful environment where all you can do is to have fun. In order to help you relax while enjoying the place, there are lots of unique attractions in the Smokies that can elevate your spirit for a while.

When talking about the Great Smoky Mountains, many people would think of Gatlinburg as the perfect place to have a fantastic vacation getaway. But actually, there are four towns around the Great Smoky Mountains that serve as a gateway of all sorts of fun-filled adventures in the area: Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville. All these places offer lots of fun activities and unique attractions that serve tourists of all types from kids to adults and even to grand adults, these attractions are being opened for people to experience the wonders of the Smoky Mountains through these towns.

But the town of Sevierville is somewhat unique, as it is the hometown of the Smoky Mountains favorite daughter and the queen of country music Dolly Parton. Located in the south of the Great Smoky Mountains and sitting right beside the town of Pigeon Forge, Sevierville has a lot of great unique attractions around the area. From forest trails to waterfalls, the town of Sevierville serves as a great tourist destination besides Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

People say Smoky Mountain fun begins in Attractions in Sevierville Tennessee. As the little city stands in the mountains’ majestic shadow, it doesn’t mean it’s dark at all. Here in Sevierville, you can enjoy lots of opportunities – to explore, learn, and to have fun. Sevierville has lots of unique attractions for you to explore and by doing so, you can learn a lot about the things in the Great Smoky Mountains not to mention the fun in exploring and learning from this attractions. And we have listed some unique attractions for you to enjoy.

Attractions in Sevierville Tennessee #1 Dolly Parton Hometown

Sevierville, as mentioned, is Dolly Parton’s hometown. She has become the biggest hit of country music in all of America. And one of the unique attractions in Sevierville Tennessee is Dolly Parton‘s hometown. Here you can learn where the great Dolly Parton started her career and how she became famous as she is today. So exploring and learning about her life is somewhat a unique way to understand the beauty of her hometown. There is a bronze statue of Dolly Parton located on her courthouse lawn. This statue was created to commemorate what she had done for the town and the Smokies. The Dolly Parton statue is an excellent opportunity to take some pictures and build memories of your vacation getaway.

Attractions in Sevierville Tennessee #2 Forbidden Caverns

The Forbidden Caverns is just one of the 8,350 caves around Tennessee. Located in Sevierville, the Forbidden Caverns is considered to be one of the most spectacular caves in America. One of the greatest attractions under the Great Smoky Mountains, the Forbidden Caverns holds a great history under beneath it. It was said the cave was used a shelter for Indians during their hunting trips. There are lots of Indian carving tools and weapons around the cave. The Forbidden Caverns has a lot of sparkling rock formation, towering natural chimneys and crystal clear streams that provide an educational tour for tourists who venture into the cave. There is so much to discover in the Forbidden Caverns, so this makes it a unique attractions in Sevierville Tennessee.

Attractions in Sevierville Tennessee #3 RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo

A great wildlife adventure can be so much fun in the Great the Smoky Mountains. As here you can enjoy up close and personal wild animals roaming around the National Park. But it would take some time to see these animals on the field as most of them are shy and don’t want any interactions with humans. But there is another way to view unique animals in the Smokies, you can go to Sevierville, and the RainForest Adventure Discovery Zoo can help you with that. The RainForest Adventure Zoo is home to literally to over 600 different species. The primary purpose of the zoo is for educational learning for the people. The RainForest Zoo is one of the finest zoological contractors. So being able to see unique animals around Sevierville is an awesome adventure. The great thing is that this is the zoo is open all year long.

Attractions in Sevierville Tennessee #4 Tennessee Museum of Aviation

Another unique attractions in Sevierville is the Museum of Aviation. Do you love history and warplanes? Well, the Tennessee Museum of Aviation is just around the corner. The place offers you a great history of warplanes that served the nation in World War 2. You can spend an hour in this place just by looking at the memorabilia of the prized planes during WWII. You’ll be astonished by what this place has to offer.

Attractions in Sevierville Tennessee #5 Robert A. Tino Gallery

Who is Robert A. Tino? Robert is a renowned artist who greatly interpreted the landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains with his eye, palette, and brush strokes. For nearly twenty years, Robert has created a masterpiece of the landscapes of the Great Smoky Mountains. And all of his work can be found in his unique gallery in Sevierville. Here in the Robert A. Tino gallery, you can fill up your minds with such incredible artwork of Robert. You will be amazed by the artworks painted around the gallery. Enjoying this unique gallery around Sevierville is an attraction everyone must go.

There are still lots of unique attractions in Sevierville. The town offers you extraordinary fun-filled and exciting adventures that will relieve you of your stressful days in the busy streets of the cities. A great and awesome vacation getaway awaits you in the town of Sevierville. So, if you want to start your fun adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains then go and take the first step here in Sevierville. 

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