Activities in Gatlinburg During Rainy Days

Activities in Gatlinburg

Activities in Gatlinburg During Rainy Days

If you're a car enthusiast, this is a place where you can spend your rainy afternoon in Gatlinburg.

Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg Don’t have to be Horrible

There is no such thing as a perfect vacation, even if you prepared for it with all your efforts, planning, research, timing, and too much preparation but you don’t have to worry about rainy day activities in Gatlinburg.  I know you can’t control everything that will occur on your vacation. That is why we human beings are built to be flexible, in all circumstances. We know how to adjust with everything around us and that what makes us unique. And if unfavorable things happen on your vacation, you should know how to adjust.  If plan A didn’t come as plan, then take plan B, maybe up to plan Z. 

We know we can’t control circumstances that will affect our vacation day, but the good thing is we can choose the outcome of it. There will be some circumstances that will affect our mood during our vacation day.  For example, one family member gets sick and may not really be in the mood to go out of your hotel room or cabin. Or maybe you got some allergies because of the food you ate, or you got bitten by ants. Sometimes, Mother Nature is not being cooperative. Most of these instances occur when it rains, and you can’t deny the fact that the weather is always unpredictable all over the world.  You know we can experience rainy days. Gatlinburg, Tennessee is not an exemption.

Here in Gatlinburg, we also experience light to heavy rainfall.  When that happens, much of the tourist attractions, amusement parks, and outdoor adventure will not be available as we prioritize the safety of our visitors and majority of these fun and exciting activities are outdoor activities. If you think that your vacation here in Gatlinburg will be ruined because of the rain, think again!  There are tons of activities in Gatlinburg rain or shine. So no worries, the world-renowned Gatlinburg has a lot of indoor activities which can be helpful if it rains. 

What are the Rainy Day Activities You can Do in Gatlinburg?

So what can you do when it rains in Gatlinburg? If you plan to stay on for a week and your itinerary gets ruined because it rains and you planned to go on a mountain hike or skiing over Ober, or maybe go on whitewater rafting. And perhaps right now you are just there staying in your hotel room or in your cabin starting to get upset. Well, I tell you, Gatlinburg is not all about outdoor fun, here we also have our own indoor adventures. And we would like to help you by listing our frequently visited indoor amusements.

Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg #1: Ripley’s Gatlinburg Aquarium

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Gatlinburg, whether rain or shine and was listed as the top aquarium in the country, Ripley’s Gatlinburg Aquarium is home to over ten thousand sea creatures from three hundred fifty species of sea-dwelling wildlife. Here, visitors have the opportunity to interact face-to-face with marine life. A walk through the aquarium would take two hours or more just to experience marine life from penguins to a shark or everything that comes in between. 

However, we just want to let you know that the place would be jam-packed during rainy days as people tend to come here and just enjoy this indoor activity to avoid getting wet outside so you might have a bit of a challenge when you’re looking for parking to check out this Gatlinburg Aquarium. But this is not just the only attraction inside Ripley’s, as you can also check out Guinness Book of World Records a, Mirror Maze or Ripley’s Believe it or not. 

Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg #2: Ice Skate at Ober Gatlinburg

Skiing is the most popular activity Ober is known for. But when it rains, I think we should just let it pass. It’s not the only ice filled adventure in Ober because Gatlinburg’s weather can’t stop the fun in here.  There is also this ice skating rink inside the mall which could be as much as fun with skiing outside. And when it’s raining maybe you should just do some ice skating inside as it could be a perfect substitute for skiing. You can also try other indoor amusements like arcade games, indoor carousel, shopping and more. So instead of just sitting in your hotel room while drinking coffee, why not take the tramway and go up to the mountains and spend some indoor activities in Ober.

Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg #3: Check out Famous Cars at Hollywood Star Cars of Gatlinburg

If you’re a car enthusiast, this is a place where you can spend your rainy afternoon in Gatlinburg. The Hollywood Star Cars Museum is one of the tourist attractions in the city that can help you use your time efficiently if it’s raining in Gatlinburg. Here, you can see up close and personal over forty famous cars which have been used in Hollywood in recreated settings. We recommend that when you visit, please don’t forget to take pictures of yourself.

Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg #4: Gatlin’s

This place is fantastic, whether you’re a young one or a young at heart. Gatlin offers you tons of indoor activities for your family. Kids really get bored easily, and you don’t want them facing only iPads or smartphones. You can take them to Gatlin where they can enjoy bump cars, laser tags, gem mining, video arcade, 3D theater, and more. You can also enjoy the mini golf course while waiting for them to finish.  They can even go and try the mini-golf course with you so you can have some bonding time with them as well.

Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg #5: Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre

Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre is the only musical comedy in Gatlinburg as an entertainment attraction. Here you can watch actors playing slapstick, vaudeville and old-timey humor with good music. It is one of the best places to spend an hour while waiting for the rain to die down.

Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg #6: Going on a Hike

However, if you do want an adventure on a rainy day in Gatlinburg, then we suggest that you take a hike and get soaking wet as we cannot guarantee that it would not rain in Gatlinburg. Why not take some gear and hike the likes of Cataract Falls, Laurel Falls or other easy trails the Smokies has to offer. As far as I know, it will rain in the Great Smoky Mountains, so don’t let the rain spoil your outdoor getaway.   Get out there and get wet.

Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg #7:  Staying in Your Gatlinburg, TN Cabin

Cabin rentals in Gatlinburg are always a little extra.  You don’t have to fight for a room with a view. Our cabins have the most scenic views you can find.  We also have our own version of indoor amusement. We have pool tables, large flat screen TVs and home theatres to enjoy watching movies.  You can also go and take a dip in our hot tubs while there’s a heavy rain pour. Rainy days may be a drag if you’re stuck with nothing else to do, but in our beautiful cabins, you’ll surely feel relaxed even if you just sit in front of our beautiful fireplace.  It is actually one of the most romantic things you can do in Gatlinburg.

Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg are Endless 

These are just some of the things you can do when it’s raining cats and dogs.  There are still a lot of activities waiting to get discovered by you. So, what are you waiting for?  Check us out now, and we’ll teach you to be creative and maximize your vacation no matter the weather.

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