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Asheville – A Great Place to Visit


The Smoky Mountains are nearby to Asheville, NC., which is an easy day trip and has many things to do, places to visit, and great restaurants. Check out the Asheville news or go online to find the latest information, schedules, and dates. They are always having fun festivals, with music, art, and plenty of nature to enjoy. It’s a diverse little city that is enjoyed by everyone, and surrounded by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Asheville is a great place to visit. Whether you have an inkling to visit summer, winter, fall or, spring anytime is an ideal time to explore the many diverse areas that the city has to offer. 

Asheville Restaurants to Satisfy Your Appetite

Just exploring downtown Asheville with the many shops and especially the art shops are a must-see. The artists have unique pieces from sculptures, paintings, woodworking, pottery, plus, more to entice anyone that is looking for something special for your home or a gift for you or someone else in your life. 

They have lots and lots of restaurants to enjoy too. They have a variety of places from Italian, Japanese, American, BBQ and more. Just strolling and exploring the city, you will see so many restaurants to satisfy your appetite. There will be many choices to choose, on your visit, you will not have any problems finding what you are looking for, from cornbread and fried chicken at Tupelos to Italian food. Wonderful choices! A fun place to satisfy anyone’s appetite.

Hiking in Asheville


Hiking is another way to get some exercise and explore some of the many trails that the mountains have. There is such a diversity in hiking the trails. You can go on a day hike, a short easy hike or, a long trek.  Whatever your heart desires, there is a hike for the die hearts and anyone who wants to see beautiful waterfalls. The scenery is gorgeous, indescribable sometimes. Get those hiking boots on and enjoy what the mountains are offering, they are calling you!

West Asheville – Mystery Museum Ghost Tour


Check out West Asheville. This hip area encompasses Bear Creek, Burton Street, the Hall Fletcher neighboring areas. This area is famous for small shops that have many brunch spots, a variety of vintage clothing, records, and a big selection of book stores. In the mood for a picnic, then check out French Broad Park or Carrier Park. These parks offer hiking, some with beautiful river views. If you are into different types of music or breweries, then Haywood Road would be an ideal place to sit awhile. They also have several rooftop bars that have spectacular views too!

West Asheville also has quite a few places to go to if you love the outdoors. Want to experience an electric bike? Then this is the time to do it. With the assist that comes with an electric bike, the rolling hills are more comfortable to maneuver. Catch the stunning views, lush greenways, plus the guides are more than happy to recommend more places to see or stay. Enjoy the outdoors and get a great experience to remember. 
Want to be a little more adventurous? Try the Asheville Treetops Adventure Park.  It offers an obstacle course that has 60 bridges, cargo nets, slides, and some unique challenges along the way. It’s a park that offers something for every age, very family-friendly. 

Or, how about a ghost tour! Yes, enjoy exclusive accessibility at the mystery museum. Joshua P. Warrens’s “very private” collection, which entails some creepiness on your journey! Your tour includes some spooky sites, what a way to see Asheville at night.

Hop on Hop off Tour Bus in Asheville


If you like a little bit of a slower pace to see the city, then ride on the Hop on Hop off tour bus. It is an excellent way to enjoy yourself without wearing yourself out. You can get off the bus at their destination stops and check it out. When you finish with that area, hop on the bus again and continue with your tour. You will have a guide on the bus tour telling you several sites and interesting points to check out. With this kind of mode of transportation, you are relaxing and getting a lot of information about the area. 

Summer Time in Asheville


If you decide to check out Asheville during the summer months, try kayaking. You will have a certified naturalist pick you up at your hotel, cabin, or B and B and take you the Bent Creek inlet. Your tour on the French Broad river will take about 2.5 hours. The river winds through Asheville and by the Biltmore estate, while the guide gives you information on the flora and gives details about the history of the area. 

There are several museums to check out. If you are a pinball enthusiast,
then check out the pinball museum. The Woolworth walk is fascinating, too, with lots of history.

One of the many other places to visit is the Biltmore. This mansion or estate is also a must-see in the area, especially during Christmas time. The lights and all the trimmings are beautiful this time of year. 

Asheville Hotel Accommodations 


They do have three Asheville hotel accommodations; you can stay on the premises. They offer the Village hotel, the Inn, and The Cottages. It would be an excellent experience for a honeymoon or a family gathering; check out their group rates too. Also, there are many hotels in downtown Asheville. There are many Asheville properties too. The city is easy to get around and a great walkable city for most people.

Biltmore Attractions


The Biltmore attractions offer fun for all ages. A place that is fun for kids, wine tasting, exhibitions, special tours, and beautiful gardens. The Biltmore estate is incredible to see and an excellent memory for all — the most substantial home in the United States and privately owned, pretty impressive. 

The Biltmore has several dining places. Check it out and see what they have. It’s an experience that is fun, and the food is delicious. 
Beside the Biltmore, which is truly amazing, is the Omni Grove Park Inn. Lots of history and built-in 1912. The grand opening was on July 12, 1913, and has well-known celebrities. For instance, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Helen Keller, President Woodrow Wilson, and many more stayed on the premises.

Pet-Friendly Hotel in Asheville

They have several restaurants at the Omni Hotel.  From steak, fish, and chops. You can get pancakes, as well as a hamburger. There is something for everyone. And you don’t have to stay at the hotel to enjoy any of these places to dine. 
There is golfing, plus it is a pet-friendly hotel. 

Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the hotel looks like something out of a fairy tale. A beautiful place to visit and breathtaking views to take in. 
If you want to unwind and relax, you need to check into their Spa. They offer mineral-based pools, plus twenty water features, including saunas, inhalation rooms, and eucalyptus-infused steam rooms. They have a men’s and women’s pool. Enjoying your experience with some quiet time is terrific. Electronics are not allowed, to some might be a problem but to others a reprieve from everyday life. But grab a hot blanket and enjoy some snacks and tea by the fireside; your phone and laptop can wait!

Lake Lure in Asheville


If you can pull yourself away from the Biltmore or the Omni Spa and hotel, a must-see is more of buncombe county. Lake Lure is a short drive away from Asheville. If we want to enjoy a beautiful lake as part of your vacation, then visiting Lake Lure would be an adventure. It is a popular vacation spot.
The Lake offers a beach and water park. It is a lovely place to spend part of your time there. The kids would love the water park. Explore the flowering bridge. It’s a peaceful place to stroll and see all the native and exotic plants. Another adventure is to head over to Chimney Rock, the town that offers good eats and browse the shops.  

If you like to fish, then Lake Lure is calling you. The Lake has striped bass, smallmouth bass, and trout: Brook and rainbow. What a way to relax, especially if you are renting an Asheville cabin and can fry your catch of the day. 
If you want to rent a boat or kayak for a day, then this is the Lake you can enjoy. Maybe try canoeing too! 

It is a beautiful Lake to swim in, offering crystal clear pristine waters and a public beach that all swimmers are welcome. The shoreline stretches about 27 miles.

There are plenty of hotels to spend the night at the Lake. The choices are numerous, and prices range from inexpensive to expensive.

Whether you choose to stay in the Smokies, Asheville, or the surrounding areas, you will be in one of the prettiest cities in the United States. So much to do and to capture the beautiful nature is exquisite. It’s a fantastic vacation and fun to see the area that offers the visitor such diversity – mixing city and environment when they visit. A day-trip or overnight stay recommended. 

It is an attraction to see when you visit Asheville and around buncombe county. Enjoy your stay here; it is well worth the short drive from the Smokies.